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Apr 8, 2008
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My perspectives of what makes a great photo is the result of all the art classes I took in College as electives. Spent way too much money and time learning about film photography and development with B&W prints. And all those painting classes, and studying the works of masters on composition and how to work with light. And why composition elements have specific psychological impact on mood, and how it manipulates the brain and what we feel and see.

Who knew back then that by 2018, that photography and video would be all about the gear and that snapshots of realistic random anything would hold more value than creative work of art. As long as it was high quality sharp and full of color.

But I suspect people in the 1600s who drew life like pictures for books were annoyed by artist who drew with creativity. They likely felt the creative art stuff was just a over processed form of drawing, and so did the masses who only favored what they were told was good.

At any rate, I often get inspiration from other's creativity in photography and video. Especially in a world of new technological innovations where some photographers are creating photography that was not possible in the past. And I suspect that trend will continue with technology. Perhaps to appreciate creative photography, which in some cases is ground breaking stuff, one must understand the complexity of the creative and art side of photography. Nevertheless, this is a gear forum all about gear. So pay no attention to my take on what makes a great photo. Just know that what makes a great photo is not the camera or lens. I wouldn't be surprised if this is the last post you see from me on this Nikon Cafe...
The members on this forum are friendly folks who respect the thoughts of others. As such, let me extend you a warm welcome! I do hope you take time to meet us, join our conversations and share some of your images!

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