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A view at the garden this afternoon.
Oct 19, 2006
I still have a 4x5 Speed Graphic and sometimes I think I may still put it to use one more time. I still have all my 4x5 b&w darkroom stuff (Besler MX). It was fun to get into the darkroom and make majic. And yes I would like to play with that new toy!


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Here's the original.

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Yeah, I figured you were toying with us, you stinker!!!! :biggrin: I looked carefully at that image and thought, "eh? If this field camera were using a digital back it would look different and if it were a totally digital camera it would look different in another way!" I suspected a bit of tinkering in PS... Oh, well... I still loved the looks of that beautiful field camera anyway!

When I arrived in the classroom the first day of my Large Format class Lo these many moons ago, I groaned at the sight of the hefty trunk we were issued and at the prospect of lugging the field camera and all the gear around..... Bought a Polaroid back for the thing, which helped enormously when shooting my assignments so that I'd get an idea from the get-go if I were reasonably close to what I was envisioning in terms of composition, etc..... Spent a fair amount of time in the darkened bathroom loading up the sheet film prior to setting out on a shoot.... Hauled a heavy Bogen tripod along, too, of course. Spent a LOT of time fiddling with exposures, composition, etc.....fiddled with the bellows adjustments, fiddled with everything.....

And, by gum, I learned SO much from that 4x5 field camera and that course and loved the resolution and quality of the images! When the time came to turn the camera back in I really hated to say goodbye to it! Resisted the urge to run out and buy myself a field camera right then and there. Even now when I see a sweet 4x5 field camera out there I am wistful.....

Right now digital backs for those things are pretty pricey and it will be a long time before we see -- if we ever do -- a completely digital 4x5 field camera....but, oh, wouldn't it be loverly.....

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