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What to do with a DSLR you couldn't sell...

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Nov 22, 2005.

  1. Many here, including me, have due to circumstances beyond our control have become some sort of camera collectors. I bought a D1x and have been reluctant to sell it because I can't justify giving away a beautiful perfect working D1x that I paid $5000 forat a loss of about $4000. It has just been sitting idly in my closet all wrapped in plastic and carfully packed in it's original box waiting for that some day, when it can come out of the closet and do what it was designed for and designed pretty well, I might add.

    I came across a website here;


    That gave me the idea of trying stereo photography with my D1x and my D2x.

    I have never actually done this but it looks very interesting. I'm not entirely sure yet how to apply this to what I do, but I have tried almost everything else and I just can't let that good old D1x go for Coolpiz 995 prices.

    I noticed RRS has a bracket for sale to accomplish this here;


    I would be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried or is interested in stereo photography and how they apply it to their workflow. Any information at all would be interesting.

    Here is a Japanese website with some great examples of high quality stereographic pictures. It is Japanese but you don't have to read anything just click on the pictures and stare at them with your eyes slightl crossed. The longer you stare at the pictures the more 3D they become. It is very interesting.


    If Stereo Photography is not your thing, I would love to just see some conversation of what you are doing with your slightly used professional or prosumer prize camera that you have not been able to part with.

    Thanks for participating.
  2. Scott, I have the same dilemna with my F80 - film camera.
    It has not rolled more than a dozen of films ! I figure that my best deal is to buy it at it's actual value, for me. I might get what, a couple of hundreds ? I'd buy it at this price. For what ?
    Well, for slides but most of all for B&W films. I even have a IR film waiting to be shot soon. A film camera for special niches.
    It may not be the same game with digits though. My first was the CP4500. After a few months I sold it for the CP5700, which I sold after a few months for the D70, that I am about to sell for the D200. Gone crazy, just like the manufacturer was hoping.
    Can you figure what the D1X will allow you to do better than your other gear ? How does it behave in IR for example ?
  3. bpetterson

    bpetterson Guest

    You could find a person that you know who would love to have a fine camera and give it to him or her.
    Based on the premise that they when they wish to part with it that the do not sell it, and they will purchase a prime zoom lens for it.
    In other words they can afford it.

    I gave my D1 to such a person.
    Well it was just the thing to do.
    He now has more lenses, more computers and a HP NC 130 large format printer.
    He gave it away when he got a D100.
    The D1 now is being used daily doing street photos in NYC.
    Now he is waiting for the D200.

    I gave my D1H away to a chap who is using it for product shots.
    And he is doing very well.

    I gave a D70 away- But that did not work out.
    I made a mistake.

    I kept my D1X for taking photos of lots of snapshots from shoeboxes
    and cartons. Also good for taking shots of xrays.
    I may rig it to use to take shots of the many slides that I have.
    Well I do have a micro lens which makes it easy.
    A gal from Columbia showed me a small photo about 1x2 inches
    of her about 15 years ago on the Beach.
    With a bit of help in PS the 8x10 print using Qimage was quite good.
    That was worth $100.00.
    That led to making photo files of snapshots fo people.
    Yea I know you are going to say you can scan them.
    No comparison.

    So you could set up a sideline doing much the same.
    Snapshots 50 cents each- minimum 10 or $5.
    Thats just for files. One full size and one for the web.
    I tell them that they can get 8x10 prints from Costco or Walmart
    for two or three dollars, or I can print them a nice 5x7 on a full sheet of letter sized photo paper for $7.50.

  4. RForshey

    RForshey Guest

    Well, this has nothing to do with stereo photography, but the reason I kept one of my D1x bodies was because it can shoot true black & white, and infrared. The D2x certainly cannot. Because of this, I will probably keep it until I can no longer get it repaired!
  5. Hi Birger, good to hear from you again.

    some worthy suggestions, but not sure if I am able to adopt them. I don't know anyone who would appreciate it and whom I want to give a camera that I paid $5000 to a few short years ago. I haven't found anything that my D2x doesn't do better or at least as well that I want to do with it although the stereo thing may work for fun. I will have to give that a go as long as I now have two DSLR's (or three if you count the D70 my wife uses) (she doesn't want the D1x, says it's too heavy for her.)

    I am interested in what others do with their "old" DSLR's" when the price drops so low it is no longer worth it to sell. I know the door stop and center peice jokes already. I guess there is always the donation route but I don't know if that would yeild more than the thousand or so that I would get at ebay, Make that $700 after the D200 emerges, (if anyone will even buy it).

    Intersting hobby we signed up for...
  6. I would first dispute the statement "not worth it to sell". The only justification for that is that you are unhappy with "giving a $5000 piece of gear away for $1000". But here is a challenge for you, do you still have your fist computer? Mine was a Heath-Kit H89 bought at the Heath-kit store in LA, oh just a few years ago. Cost me $1800, and I had to solder all the bits onto the board. Today that is worth a few hundred dollars to a collector, but once the clone-IBM pc's started showing up it was worth dirt. Do you keep all your cars forever? Now there is a place where you take a REALLY big hit, don't you? Methinks it is just your ego that gets bruised in this case :wink: . Now, understand that this comes from one who bought a D2H at $3200 and watched the immense price drop last year, but that is reality in this day of electronics.

    Now, to your question. Why don't you look around for a school, perhaps a private school, and donate the camera? Nice tax write-off that may be worth more than you would get if you sell. Also you would be doing something nice for the community and maybe getting some kids interested who otherwise would not have the opportunity.

    For reference, a couple sold this month on eBay for over $1300.
  7. I can tell you, it sure is for me. I here it everytime my wife says "So, why is it you NEED to keep that (insert the whatever it is here)" and I make up some stupid justification for the "why". Do you think that might be an idication of why we have an off-site storage unit? Hmm, I think that "pack-rat" might be a fitting addition to my name......:smile:
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