What to do with C1 raw conversions?

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  1. Using the LR catalog system with the SmugMug plugin I rearranged my catalog by subject (bluebird, snowy egret, Autumn landscapes ...)
    and placed just my tiffs files in there. I did not want the nef files to be imported into SmugMug so I moved them to 1 of 3 folders.
    So my nefs and tiffs are no longer together but both still in LR.

    I plan to demo C1 in the next month. After I output converted files as tiffs, I plan to import them into LR and store them into the appropriate folder. It will then be easy to use the plugin to update my galleries on Smug. I do not plan on using C1 as a data base as the LR catalog works with Smug. I am wondering what to do with the nef files.

    My questions:
    1 Should I do sessions or a C1 catalog? I think catalog - see 2.
    2. Should I import the nefs into folders in LR with names like Raw Bird C1 or just leave them in a C1 catalog? If I move them - do I move them to folders from within C1 so the program can remember where they are located?
    3. I may want to revisit a nef in the future. WIll they be there?
    4. In LR I can remove files from the catalog without deleting them. Can I do the same in C1 as I would want to remove the tiff files from C1 after I bring them into LR's catalog?
  2. I use both Lightroom and C1. Everything I shoot gets imported into my Lightroom catalog which serves as my digital assets manager. I've tried several approaches to integrating my workflow with capture one, but all are less than ideal.

    If I import from the card using FastRawViewer I can cull and star rate my images there and, since FastRawViewer generates the XMP files, the star rating is visible in both Lightroom and Capture One. Then I can then import the image folder into both programs and process the rated shots in either Lightroom or C1.

    If I import into Lightroom directly I can cull and rate the images there and, if I want to process the rated images in C1, I export them as Originals (this creates duplicate NEF files) into a different folder which is then imported into C1. This is how I can create a copy of a Lightroom Collection in C1. I don't care to have Lightroom create XMP files, but if it did the ratings would be visible in C1 if I imported the folder there as well.

    Another option is to Export as a Catalog. After import into Lightroom I can keyword and rate and then export as a catalog. This catalog can be imported into C1. C1 can "read" a subset of the Lightroom edits and catalog data. It should also work on selected images and collections.

    With some cameras I prefer the results (or efficiency) of C1 and I just import all the image folders from them into both programs.
  3. I made changes to my LR catalog in the past week to allow me to easily use the LR to SmugMug plugin for the new site I was making. This plugin uploads all files in a folder to SM, but I only wanted to upload the tiff files (having the plugin change them to jpg.) So I decided to keep tiffs in certain folders and corresponding nef files in other folders. I don't know if this is the best use of LR DAM but it is what I did.

    Anyway, it became clear to me how I could use C1. I will import the raw files into C1, work on them there, and then export tiff files to a folder on my desktop. I will then move the nef files to folders, keeping them in the C1 DAM (If I revisit the nef files it will be in C1.) I will then import the tiff files into LR (using LR and PS with them) where I will put them in the folders to sync with SmugMug. So i will get the trial, use it for 30 days, and then see what I ant to do.
  4. You could have C1 and LR use the same folders so your raw and tiff files are always together. Just export your tiffs in C1 to the directory where the original images reside. You can use tokens to do that in process recipes. In LR you can sync those same folders and bring up the import dialog, and only import the tiffs you exported from C1. This lets you maintain the same folder structure between C1 and LR, and keeps the tiff files with their raw source files.
  5. Thanks Walter.
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