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What to use to carry a couple spare lenses?

Discussion in 'Other Cool Gear, Camera Bags, Camera Straps' started by Steve S, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Many times I want to go out and about, and just carry 1 or 2 spare smallish lenses, not a bag full of stuff. What do you all use to bring along just a couple spare lenses, and maybe a spare battery? Also, is there some sort of support rig to better support a D2x/70-200VR cam-lense combo other than just hanging it around your neck, resulting in inevitable painful neck & shoulder fatique?
  2. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    For carrying a few lenses, a belt pouch is one way to go. The Kinesis Multi-Lens Pouch can be worn on one of their belts. It will hold two medium size lenses (say, 28-70 AF-S and 12-24) and a flash, or 3 smaller lenses. It also has a small compartment that can a few small accessories (battery, etc). It's quite a bit more expensive than your average fanny pack, but it's made from heavy-duty cordura and has padding on all sides (top padding is optional). For day hikes when I want to take a camelback for food/water instead of a photo backpack, I use the Kinesis belt with the multi-lens pouch and the large lens pouch. With this setup I can carry the 28-70, 12-24, 70-200, and a flash.

    As for carrying camera + 70-200vr, one possibility is the Kirk security strap that connects to the lens rather than the camera, and can be worn over your shoulder. Usually though if I'm shooting with this combo I'll just mount it on my monopod and carry that over my shoulder.
  3. Steve S

    Steve S

    Feb 1, 2005
    SE Florida
    Man, that's exactly what I need!

    Thanks Jeff! I'm thinking the Kinesis E280 on a belt for the mounted 70-200VR, along with a single additional lens pouch would probably do me just fine. Gonna research these choices more thoroughly, then git to ordering! That's gotta be way better than dragging around even a small camera bag!
  4. Wilk


    Jul 28, 2005
    I usually travel with a fair amount of gear and use my think tank belt (which is easily the most amazing invention since the slr :cool:  ) and the Tamrac Velocity 9 - that backpak is HANDS DOWN my favorite, because it's a sling bag - I never have to take it off my shoulder until I'm back at the apt. - very convenient. So... that would be my suggestion, because it can accomodate a few small or 2 longer lenses (as big as the 70-200 vr for example) and a camera body with another lens attached. Just one caution if you get it... make SURE you lock all the closures when a body is in it... that is one weakness of many of the Tamrac bags... they are very proned to spitting out a camera if not closed properly.

    If you're worried about shoulder/neck though, a belt is absolutely the best thing. That's why I love the think tank. I use a bike to travel back and forth to shooting areas, and MUST have a backpack to carry my camera, I refuse to let it sling around. When I remove it, the Tamrac bag is usually light enough to be no problem at all.
  5. JB


    May 27, 2005
    Washington, DC
    Lowepro belt system or simple fanny pack.

    Hi Steve,

    When I want to move and shoot with the majority of my kit (including the 70-200VR) I'll go with the LowePro belt system. It will allow you to carry an amazing amount gear comfortably all day. Pick the pouches that match your lenses & accessories and distribute them evenly around the belt. Be sure to get the shoulder harness also. I center the 70-200 in the back, put a 28-70 and 17-35 on each hip, and accessory pouches on the front (for filters, flash, cords, battery, etc). There is still room for water bottles as well. From the shoulder harness I carry my extra CF cards in one pouch and cell phone in another. (LowePro has cases for each.) Note: The correct lens pouch will allow you to carry the lens with the hood reversed keeping everything in one place.

    If I only want a lens or two I'll simply put the lens pouches on my belt or the smaller LowePro "Sliplock" belt. Just one lens goes in the LowePro "Film Organizer" (a nice size zip-top pouch) with other accessories on my belt. I have a generic fanny pack that I use for an extra lens when I'm in "stealth mode" and don't want anyone to notice I'm packing. :smile:

    Lowepro quality is high and the selection is excellent. FWIW - There are a few Canadian resellers on ebay who sell Lowepro well below retail prices.
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