What would you do…D200, D2Xs question?

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  1. Hi All,

    I was having major issues with my D200 and long story short Nikon is replacing my D200 with a new one. I was thinking about selling the new D200 and putting the cash towards a new D2Xs or if Nikon announces a D3H. My type of photography is shooting bird, birds in flight and nature, my question to you all is will I notice a $3000 difference between the two cameras with this type of fast shooting?

    I seem to get a lot of missed shots and some perfect shots with the D200. I was just hoping I would get a higher auto focus hit rate with the D2Xs. I mostly use the Nikkor 70-200mm VR with the 1.4TC or the Nikkor 300mm F/4 with the same TC.

    I think this would be a perfect time to step up the Nikon chain but wanted your opinion. I’m not interested in the D2Hs.

    Thanks for any information!
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    Feb 22, 2005
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    I had a D200 for the first half of 2006 and it just wasn't getting it done as far as AF speed for the type of shooting I do (humpback whales). I sold it and a Deardorff 8x10 and bought a D2x. It's well worth the extra, IMHO. There have been some very good deals here lately on used D2x, $2800-2900 for ones with less than 10K shots.
    I wouldn't touch a new Nikon release until it has been out at least a year, though even if an announcement is soon, it'll be a while before they get to market and then there will be shortages.
  3. Anthony,

    I also shoot mostly birds. I recently acquired the 70-200 (about 1 month ago) and the D2XS (about 2 months ago). Before that I used either my D70 or D 200 and primarily the 80-400 vr. Most of my shooting is from a kayak. On a recent trip I did not take the D70, figuring that I would use the D200 in the kayak and the D2XS when my feet were firmly on the ground. However, I was curious about the D2XS and 70-200 combination and barely used the D200. Accordingly, I discovered that I really like the D2XS with the 70-200, even from the kayak. It is well balanced and fast focusing. I don't think that it focuses any faster or more accurately then the D200/70-200 combination but the 70-200 definitely focuses faster then the 80-400 on any other above bodies. Secondly, the D2XS with its high speed crop effectively makes the 70-200 a 105-300 before factoring in the 1.5x CCD difference between film and digital. Thus, combining the D2XS' high speed crop with the CCD magnification your 70-200 becomes a 140-400 and this combination has kept me from using the D200/80-400 combination when in the kayak. Yes, the D2XS then becomes about 7 MP, but the IQ is excellent and a very good trade-off. Therefore, assuming that money is not the determining factor, I recommend getting the D2Xs...I have never looked back.

  4. Just realized that you live in NJ. I live in Philadelphia....Where is West Keansburg, NJ? How far apart are we? Interested in getting together to go shooting? I work as a paramedic and work mostly over-night shifts. Therefore, I am usually out shooting when my shift ends at 6 AM.

  5. Thanks for the information all!

  6. Kayaker, I'm not to far from Sandy Hook, NJ.