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What's the most unusual lens you have?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Seymore, Dec 30, 2005.

  1. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    I got this thread idea from another board that had my newest accusation listed as an oddity.

    Anyone ever heard of an Accura 12mm fisheye? What a weird one! Just picked it up today for 60 bones, and think it's interesting... to say the least. Apertures are f8, f11 and f16 only. There is no option to focus, no need and it's a t-mount.

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    Lens Lust can also be defined by "different" glass... :rolleyes: 
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  2. As some here know, I've gotten into 'Rodenstockography', the use of ultra-fast Rodenstock lenses originally made for x-ray machines!
    Bjorn (nfoto) and Harry S. here also have some Rodenstocks.
    My current collection is good as far as rodenstock collections go (nothing compared to Bjorn's of course, he can literally put his rodenstocks in a few buckets and have them all full to the brim) and i'm currently in the process of adapting them to mount on my cameras. The first, a 42mm f/0.75 TV-Heligon, I have finally modified. I may be able to take care of the 55mm f/0.8 tomorrow.
    With the 75mm f/1.1 XR-Heligon
    my total collection: 42/0.75 TV Heligon, 55/0.8, 68/1.0, 75mm/1.1 XR-Heligon, 83/2.0 Heligon.

    You can see the 42/0.75 mounted on my D200 in my current avatar photo.
  3. Seymore...I agree...that is a strange lens. Never seen anything close to it.
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    That lens is WILD! I am very curious as to how much of an angle it shows (and how much of the circle it shows) on the dx format. No matter what - 60 dollars ?!?!? Wow! I think I want one!
  5. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    Thanks for the comments guy-n-gals... Yea, I found a few other copies on the WEB (here's one... for the next 6 days.), but they're quite rare. I found a reference that Accura was also badged as Spiratone, Polaris , Lentar, Rokunar, Sun, Sigma, Upsilon and Mitake among others. I suspect many of them are still sitting in the bottom of peoples bags, boxes... or buried in the far reaches of the world. Digging them out takes patience and diligence.

    BTW, I found this gem on CraigsList, in Seattle. Just a matter of right place... right time... and keeping your eyes open. Oh, I've also found some gems @ pawn shops... like an AIS 50/1.4 for $25 and an AIS 135/2.8 for $45. (nope... sorry, neither are FS) Quite often pawn shops really don't know what they have and are willing to wheel-n-deal to get their moula back. Keep your eyes open people...

    Harrison, do you have any shots of your lenses? Or how you've modified the mount?

    Here are a few quick sample shots. I'll get some better shots tomorrow.
    Taken about an inch from the DW's nose...

    1/30, f8, ISO6400

    This shows the distortion quite well...

    1/20, f8, ISO6400
  6. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Love the pood and cat pic! Isn't the D100's high iso tha bomb!
  7. some neat shots you've got there.
    I only really have the shot in my avatar for now- I only finished the project the other day and i'm not at my regular computer right now so can't upload. Used to have pics of the lenses themselves up on a nikonians gallery but i've left that forum/website for the last time.
    Will work on getting some online tomorrow.
  8. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    Thanks... Misty's my fav model. And Ginger usually runs from the cam...
    Yeppers!!! Luvin' it in low light!!! :Love: Just gotta get something that does a bangup cleaning, and keeps the EXIF.
  9. That fish-eye looks like fun.
    As AFS has mentioned already, my strangest lens already adapted with an F-mount is the Rodenstock TV-Heligon 42/0.75, but still stranger is this one:
    De Oude Delft 50/0.75

    Subscribe to see EXIF info for this image (if available)

    Contrary to the TV-Heligon, it is very heavy, so I will use the ring-like rotating haptics to attach a custom made tripod collar to it, which will allow me to rotate the camera and lens to any position I want. As for the F-mount I have not decided yet, but I will probably glew or screw one of my surplus T2 adapters to it.

    Anyway, the strangest lens I would like to possess is the Kilfitt Super-Zoomatar 240/1.2, but it is a very rare (and probably expensive) collectible by now.

    I'm curious what Bjorn will come up with in this thread :wink:

  10. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    OMG now your going to have me scrounging around pawn shops ???!!!!!!



  11. Damn. I need to get more lenses :biggrin:

  12. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    So many strange beasts to select from

    What does "unusual" really imply? That a lens is rare, or the use of it is "unusual" ? I have plenty of items filling both criteria, so singling out just one for exhibition is more than difficult. A 300/2 perhaps, or what about the early predecessor to the current Micro-Nikkors, the 1:1 5.5 cm Micro from 1961? Or a diffraction-limited Ultra-Micro-Nikkor ... the list goes on.

    Well, I ended up with showing off the D200 with a manly lens (de Oude Delft Rayxar 65 mm f/0.75) on it, mounted properly on a more than manly tripod (Sachtler ENG 2 CF HD, rated for at least 105 kg load so it won't even notice the D200 sitting there), which even has its own GPS device holder. This combination should appear unusual to most people!

  13. OMG bjorn, that front element is MASSIVE!!! What size filter does it take?:biggrin:
  14. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    It has 112 mm thread, but I'd never dream of using a filter on it although I have some of this size floating around.
  15. I could have sworn it would be something like that :wink: .
    So, no deep sky photography with the Rayxar as originally intended?

    One additional question: how difficult is it to remove the front element? I just ask because my Rayxar (although otherwise in perfect condition) has a big bunny behind the front element. Although it shouldn't be too troublesome at F/0.75 or might give some extra effects :smile: , I would like to remove it.

    BTW - I paid 13.50 EURO for it.

  16. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    No deep sky work with it - yet. I have several options for building the camera and am looking into them, in fact two alternatives have been disassembled for further testing. These matters do take time and I do them as a true leisure activity.

    While I did pay some (but not excessive) money for my 65/0.75, I have gotten an ample handful of Rayxars 50 mm f/0.75, and Heligons 50/0.75 for free, so the average price per lens is well below yours :biggrin:
  17. twig


    May 23, 2005
    Bjorn, did you say you have a 300/f2, or are you just mentioning that it is unusual?

    IF you have it or have used it much, what do you think about it?
  18. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    I indeed have owned a 300/2 Nikkor for many years, but recently sold it for a pretty sum. The lens is excellent, but I got tired of having the lens bruise me all over when I carried in in the field (it is immensely heavy and immensely thick and stubby, so you really can't carry it in any sensible way).
  19. twig


    May 23, 2005
    I carry a 400 everywhere in a back pack, on subways, on foot, all ove hte place, so the size doent worry me.
    Eve nthe price is manageable, but the lack of AF is what holds me back, MF lenses just dont work for me for sports.
  20. Reggie


    Dec 10, 2005
    Parrish, FL
    My strangest lens is a Nikkor 80-400 VR. The autofocus is timed by an hourglass.
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