What's your most original wedding shot?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by italy74, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Hi all there

    I'm compiling a series of wedding shots but looking through the internet galleries is very long and time consuming, both for my slow internet connection and also for the fact that most interesting ones are often lost in the middle of galleries. If you could post some of your most special (strange, original, special rite, etc.) shots, it would be much more useful for all.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Let me post one of mine... for the first time, in France, instead of rice and confetti, this is WHAT they used at the exit of the couple..


    As I said, it's NOT about technique, rather about SUBJECTS and COMPOSITION.

    or a perspective related to the religious ceremony:

    Or another shot taken at my cousin wedding:

  3. I forgot..

    ...this nice young bridemaid with a hand fan...

  4. Nice photos as always Dino. I had to get down on my hands and knees to take this photo of the ring bearer. I hope to get a comfortable set of knee pads before the next wedding.

  5. Sorry guys to bother you again...
    looking at some pictures, the idea come to my mind more accurately...
    Besides original shots, could you post your "special" shots taken at wedding,the one you would put on the cover or in a special frame of the wedding album of your friends. It's something romantic and symbolic, as I did for example with the first picture (the kiss among the soap bubbles); or some evanescent shot performed with soft lens or in the middle of a meadow, along a river, a slow dance.. that's something that has revealed to be much better than expected even if put among hundreds of similar shots..

    Thanks again you all. :)
  6. Here is one after the first kiss


    and a traditional shot with some fun

  7. In that case here is my favorite photo from my wedding.
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  8. Hi Fred
    I can see only a red x instead of your picture ;)
  9. Thanks Sean,
    this is surely interesting!
    Continue posting :)
  10. Hi Sean,
    not to repeat myself, but that slide is really inspiring... Thanks a lot :)
  11. Here are three of mine from my son's wedding



  12. Hi Grant,

    great focusing on the first, while in the second you yielded very well the confusion of the latest minutes: the strange, oblique cut you gave and the b/w recall don't know why some kind of painting to my mind..

    Thanks and let's see if I can find something for you tonight... I usually try to give a "mystic" cut to the ceremonies...

    During mass: "Open"

    Silent talking

    Sorry for the poor quality, they have been two snapshots handheld without flash not to disturb... and also I noticed now they should need at least a little rotation... well, at first I just said technique was not required... ;)

    your son and his wife are really handsome!
  13. Just between us girls

    I don't know about original but it's cute.

  14. Just different...

  15. satelite seven

    satelite seven

    May 14, 2006
    Gordon, that is a beauiful shot.....outstanding for me!!
  16. Hi NB

    Did you intentionally looked for the ghosts? Were you stopping down the lens to F/22 or so? On some shots could be a nice effect...

  17. Thanks for the thread Dino. After looking for and posting a few older picks I took with a F100 after my D2H failed (son's wedding:frown:), I'm becoming interested in using film again. Maybe an F5 would be nice. I see you use film, do you trust your film camera for weddings?
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