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What's your peeve about DSLRs?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TOLady, May 4, 2005.

  1. My #1 peeve right now is ancient technology on the strap attachments. What is with this weaving the strap in and around the eyelets on the camera bodies? We need fast clip methods to take these long awkward straps off in a pinch. With the amount of dollars these cameras are costing, why not just attach metal clips at the end of the straps. If the manufacturer wants their name around my neck, they'd better make a strap that makes sense.

    So what's your pet peeve?? Can be about design, technology, or even just shooting!!!??
  2. My biggest butch right now is availability. I have been waiting
    and waiting for my new D2X. Availability in Canada is terrible!
    My dealer has over 20 on order and he received 2 yesterday.
  3. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Expense* and no live preview on the LCD. I hate the contortions I must endure to look through the hole when doing a low angle shot, for example.

    * I haven't yet found a money sucker like cameras, and dSLRs are better at it than most. :( 
  4. Sandi, on of the problems is metal clips wear through the finish very quickly resulting in brassing. OptiPro and others makes a quick connect pigtail that weaves through the strap but then quick disconnect abut three inches up the strap. I do think the manufactures could solve this easily if they just put their mind to it. Then all the strap mfg. would be out of business. This is not unlike chargers for cell phones, standardization would put all charger mfg. out of business as well.
  5. Robin: His name is Paul Brand and he is the Customer Service Manager at NikonCanada 905-625-9910. Tell him how you feel!!! Dumbest thing that companies can do is to advertise for a product they can't deliver.

    Chris: I'm coming from a great line of Coolpixes with the swing out LCD. No getting down and dirty in the mud just to focus on a frog. My eyesight is failing and looking through the stupid little viewfinder is a right pain. I had to go with very expensive lenses to hope they get the focus as I just can't use it for focusing, only composition. As far as the expense, yes it is an expensive hobby BUT just try owning a sailboat!! *LMAO* Those places just KNOW you've got the bucks so all itty bitty parts are muchos dollaros!
  6. Autofocusing.

    Have had trouble with every DSLR I have used to any great degree. They still haven't got this technology figured out. Let alone is it reliable at what it is capable of.

    And the C camp goes on about eye based focusing. :roll:

    For example I have noticed several posts on DPR that remind us that the reticles we see in the viewfinder do not represent the actual sensors doing the focusing.

    Okay, so why not? How about etching some reticles that DO represent the sensors? :) 
  7. Brian


    Apr 30, 2005
    The only good thing about this is that it gives me more time to save enough money for the beast! :lol:

    This whole waiting reminds me of the 17-55 lens I had on order, when I finally got it, it was *widely* available everywhere in Toronto. The salesman was jokingly saying Nikon doesn't like Canada, we are always the last to get their new toys.
  8. Hey, Gordon, thanks for the idea. I'm going to incorporate quick disconnects into the straps! Yeahhhh, that works for me. I do understand the concept of metal on metal but they can easily make a high quality flat clip that cd take the load. The number of times my dangling strap has caught on something in my kayak really unnerves me. Now to search some stores and find the disconnect buckles. Thanks!
  9. Go look at the OpTech straps, these are already built with the quick releases. I use them on my D2H and D70. They are superb, and the piece that goes over you shoulder is not only very comfortable but doesn't scream NIKON. If they want me to advertise that much, they should pay me for crying out loud....... :wink:

    OK, now to my PEEVE and major it is. The nearly total, complete, absolute, ludicrous inability to upgrade a camera that cost $3200 18 months ago at reasonable cost, meaning less than half the original cost. Up until this go-round, it was quite feasible to sell your "old version" on eBay and for $1,000 US or so move to next model. This worked well for me going from the D1H to the D2H for example at a cost to me of just about $1,000. However, if I were to try this now, moving from "like to like" D2H->D2Hs I am looking at somewhere between $1400-$2000 US, depending upon how lucky I would be in selling my 18 monht old D2H. Consider the one that is for sale here now at $1600. Dependent upon the D2Hs price one can find the most likely upgrade cost is $1600-$1900 US.

    My "older" pet peeve, which Nikon finally fixed, was the issue of user-upgradeable firmware. For a LONG TIME, the "dumb" Coolpix user could do this themselves but the "sophisticated and smart" professionals could not. Who knows, maybe someday they will figure out the "upgrade" bit as well, I just hope I am still able to press the shutter should that ever occur.
  10. Hi Sandi,

    Thanks for the name & number. I am waiting for someone else
    at Nikon Can to get back to me. I will wait for them to get back
    to me before I go A-- Kicking with someone else.

    I can't understand why their are bodies available in the US and
    none in Canada. Some dealers have not received any bodies
    since the first shipment.

    What part of TO are you in? I was in Scarb but have moved
    farther east to Ajax.
  11. I'm on the shgoulder strap thing toooooo...
    I wish I could find a quck connect that I could still use my existing strap.
    If you find anything good buy a set for me to... I'll send you the $$

    That's my *****!
  12. *LOL* Doug, I do the same thing with Bernie Heins, if he finds a useful goodie, get two 'cause I'm sure gonna want one! *LOL*

    Robin, I'm right downtown in Cabbagetown (Victorian village in the heart of the city, original 'downtown' in the 1870's.) Parliament/Carlton area. I'm thinking of heading out to the Oshawa Marsh (right beside the GM headquarters) to do some birding as soon as the possiblity of snow passes ;)  Give me a PM with your number and I'll call and see if you want to tag along.

    Thanks Bill for the heads-up on the OpTech straps. I saw something like that on their site but with such a piddly little pic of it, couldn't really see the connection. Any chance of you taking a closeup so we can see the clips??? Please! As mentioned in another post, we have a huge camera store here that offers 1/2 back within first year (whooo de dooo, how many can afford annual purchases!). I don't think we can fault the companies for the lack of value tho. How many of us here wander around the FOR SALE forum and say to ourselves "why would I pay "X" when I can add $100 (or whatever) and get new, with warranty?". We are our own worst enemy sometimes! LOL

    Brian, I solved my lens dilemma by buying from BHPhoto and bringing them up, saved a bomb on them ($600-700 per lens!). I figure I can always drive to Buffalo for a UPS shipment for $600!!!
  13. Hi

    I have the same problem living in Milton just west of Toronto.

    Still waiting for my damn D2X, has been 8 weeks now, and i am furious!!

    Maybe i should call that nikon guy, but i imagine he can't do anything and has lots of po's nikon customers calling.
  14. Sandi, I'll take a picture of the strap tonight and post it for you, as well as trying to find the exact model number. OpTech makes several different ones. One strange thing is that the shoulder strap itself has a neoprene pad which gives a bit of a "bouncy" feel that may take a bit to get used to.

    Yeah, I hear you on the "annual upgrade" bit. I read these posts about buying a 300 AFS VR, 200-400 AFS VR, 500 f4 AFS-II, oh, yeah and a pair of D2X bodies. And here I am with my lowly D2H and Sigma 500 :wink: . Somehow I make do, but I think these other folks should take pity on me and send me their "hand-me-downs", like an old 500mm AFS-I for example........
  15. Daniel,

    Believe me I know what your saying! Nothing against our
    U.S. neighbors but why is it that they can just phone a camera
    store and have it delivered the next day and we sit on waiting
    lists for weeks on end? I know that my dealer has over 20 orders
    for bodies and this week he received 2.

    I suppose I could always order it from Calumet. But after my last experience
    ordering from them, I won't do that again. I should probably
    explain that one. I ordered a 2 gig 80X Lexar from Calumet in Chicago.
    With the exchange and shipping it was $100 less than ordering it up here.
    The UPS guy comes to the door with my card and states that I owe
    $118. for taxes, duty, and brokerage fees. You can guess where I told
    him to put the card. So the bottom line was it was going to cost more
    to buy from U.S. than Can. I can't imagine what they would charge for
    a $5000 camera body.
  16. Robin,

    Who's your dealer, i am with Photcreative in Mississauga -- a great guy buy the way and extremely knowledgeable.
  17. I'm with Jeff also. You have to feel for the guy.
    He must get so many calls per day, asking where is it?
    Any idea what number you are?
  18. i think im number 8 or so. I have a buddy whos around 14.

    He is a great guy though, very nice, knowledgeable and personable.

    They do great work on large prints too as i had several of my Molson Indy shots blown up and they look great.
  19. I want pro digitals to be under 2 grand. I want a full frame viewfinder at least. Actually I wouldn't mind fullframe. I want Nikon to hurry it's butt up and release the D200, because I don't want to dish out for a D2X. :) 
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