When a good day turns to crud.....

May 16, 2006
Was filming a Heron and an Egret wading and fishing together, kind of a team. The Egret was getting small fish and the Blue Heron Perch. I was testing the 1080P of the EP5 against the 720P.....got some very cool stuff, up close and personal. As I was shutting down the camera, I noticed I had not turned off the IBIS on the camera, my heart sank. Got home and yep, when you are using a 5 axis stabilization on a tripod the background looks like jelly:(

I would not be so down on myself (after all I did have a trip to the ER this week) but I just blew it. And this is was some very good footage. My new rule in life is to double check before I start a shoot, using Nikons and Olys can be a bit of a mind mess when your in a hurry and/or excited. Darn.....
Nov 11, 2005
Westchester County, NY
"I noticed I had not turned off the IBIS on the camera"

Took me 5 minutes to figure out that the IBIS you were referring to was not a third bird wading with the heron and the egret! When someone talks to me about herons, egrets and ibises, I am thinking birds.
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