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Where do you do YOUR thinking?

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by spalding12, Sep 13, 2008.

  1. I usually do MY best thinking, at my desk, at work
    thinking "on the fly" in exam rooms is a necessary skill, in my profession, of course
    ..... because folks really don't like pictures taken of their kids, during an examination.... :rolleyes: :redface::frown:
    i hope that these, from my desk at work, will suffice



    we'll leave the significance of the owls for another thread... :smile:
  2. please post a picture of YOUR favorite place to think
    and tell us a story behind those images

    all photos welcome here... as long as posted realize that folks of ALL ages might take a peek at this thread :smile:

    thanks, as always, in advance
  3. here's one more from me:
    taken from the seat of my BMW K1200 GT

  4. here's another place for me
    at the bluff, 2 blocks from my home:

  5. or HERE, at the local botanical gardens:
  6. Most would expect a different setting for my think place, but here it is.....


    .......contrary to what it looks like, there is usually only one of me working in there at a time. Especially since I have a pretty set routine I follow, the job of laundry does not require a great deal of thinking ability (some, but not like most other jobs--my job as dinner cook for example), so my mind can soar in a thousand different directions while my hands do what they are already well trained to do. I treasure my three days a week in the laundry. It allows me to ponder many things, perhaps work on some scripture I wish to commit to memory, perhaps think through a Bible lesson I will be teaching, perhaps thinking through some struggle I am having in my life, with my computer, or just plain figuring out how to make a task I have to do easier or more efficient. Perhaps my mind just wants to fly away and daydream. I have solved many a problem as my hands folded laundry in my laundry room at work. The quiet and not having distractions like Internet, TV, etc, make the laundry room a perfect think spot
  7. Another spot that I like for the quiet and the ability to let my thought wander.


    Along a road that I take to the ballpark, a river runs amongst trees, grass, and a lovely peaceful setting that makes a haven for walkers, runners who want to enjoy their exercise along a peaceful flowing river. This spot is a favorite to watch the various water fowl, and I enjoy taking some time out of my busy life occasionally to enjoy getting some shots of ducks, geese, and seagulls as they go about their normal business. This is not a "ducky park" where they are pecking at you expecting you to produce some bread or treat to feed them, but people often walk through so these critters tolerate my presence as a necessity of life. I can pretty much blend into the background and snap my pictures. Once in a while I will draw the attention of 4 or 5 geese and they will decide to intimidate me (usually successfully) until I leave, but for the most part they just go about their own business and ignore me.

    It is a spot that lets me clear my head.....

    or let my thoughts soar.......


    or let them drift lazily along.....

    or work through life's struggles

    or just enjoy some pleasant happy thoughts
  8. A lot of times, I like to do my thinking from here.

    View from our 2nd floor deck on a summer evening.

    NIKON D300    ---    12mm    f/9.0    1/320s    ISO 200


    I'll have to scan some pictures of my old R90 to show where I did a lot of thinking when I was a lot younger and lived in California :biggrin:
  9. DSC_0011-2.
    My most favourit place to let my thought wonder.or let the spiderwebs blow out of my mind.
    Het Charloise hoofd overlooking the river Maas.A place i use to visit with my dad eversince i was a kid.Later when i crew up i took my father for his daily walk and some 'bootjes kijken' (= whatching the ships).Now in the age that i have seen Abraham i love to take a walk along the river Maas.I work on the other side of the river some 10 minutes walk from the riverfront.When i have a hart day,A walk by the river clears my mind.
  10. Hi Greg,

    For the time being in Blanes Spain i do my thinking mostly on the benchesm on the way to the seashore it's nice when it is still quiet and the older people are still there to chat with.


  11. Stef


    Nov 1, 2005
    Peoria, AZ
    Well first of all.. these are pics from my Blackberry, so excuse the quality.

    This is where I have been doing alot of my thinking lately. Since my dad passed away, I feel closest to him here. He dug the hole himself, moved all the rocks, built the waterfall, etc. This was "his" perfect place. Since his passing, it has become "my" perfect place as well.

    Here are the fishing kids I picked up for him.. which he loved!

    And here is one of the Lillies. There are alot in there right now. There are also Koi, goldfish and plecostamus in there.

    We are in the process of cleaning his stuff up, and I know he wanted more than anything for us to live in his house. He remodeled it very recently, and we of course are going to move in. I plan on trying out some flower photography in the back yard. Eventually when I actually feel like picking up a camera again.
  12. tgrove


    Apr 6, 2008
    jupiter florida
    i would post a picture of my bathroom, but I think it would be inappropriate. lol
  13. When I have to do some serious thinking I usually walk alone the towpath of the Millstone River Canal near my home. This photo was taken in early Spring


  14. great post, wendy...
    and one of my favorite shots
    i'm really glad that you took the time to post here... thank you
  15. what a great post
    it was so nice of you to enlighten us this way
  16. bill.....
    beautiful picture
    looks like a wonderful place to ponder life

    i would LOVE to see those old pictures, if you get the chance
  17. Rob.....
    that is a very nice scene
    and a great place to do some thinking... i have no doubt

    thanks for your addition here
  18. very nice, arthur....
    wish i'd been there to do some thinking along side you
  19. stef...
    what a great post
    and how nice of you to honor your dad and his memory by sharing this special place with us.... love the "fishing kids"

    may your dad continue to rest in peace.... for all of eternity
    thanks for your contibution here
  20. LOL..... good one
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