Where I'm at.

May 23, 2008
60 miles south of Chicago
I just got the Sigma 10-20mm last, and I just really got out this weekend to try it out. I do not have a filter of any kind for this lens, yet.
I know nothing about landscape/architectural/cityscape photography. But I'm willing to learn.
So go ahead and critique these, if you will please, and let me know what I can improve on.

A church.
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This is an area near where my husband works.
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Kankakee river
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An old sheet metal building.
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That's it for now. If that is too many to critique, I understand.:biggrin:
If you want to critique, then thank you!

Oh, this is my first wide angle lens. It's been fun learning it, but it is a completely different perspective.:biggrin:
Jan 4, 2008
New York City
I wouldn't say I notice anything "wrong" with them, they're fine images.

However, if you want us to be knit-picky, you need to be careful when shooting architecture with this lens. If the lens is not completely level, you will get converging (rather than parallel) lines. You can use this for effect (as I think you have done here nicely, BTW), but if you do, it should be intentional.

Also, in the case of #3 (and to some extent #4, but to a lesser degree), you might have a more interesting shot if the horizon weren't dead center in the frame. The clouds are terrific. I just wish there were something more substantial in the immediate foreground.

I would like to reiterate that these comments are knit-picky, and I think you did a fine job.
Apr 26, 2008
First, I like them. I'm just a picture taker not a photographer so take my stuff with 2 grains of salt. These aren't criticisms, just observations from a viewer. Is 1 cropped? If so, how much would you have to open it up to get the lamppost into the far right frame? It's neat looking and at least to me adds to the sense of the architecture of the church. Also, do you have another from several steps farther back? I think that would reduce the effect of the church falling over backward away from the camera but could be mistaken. I also go along with moving the horizon from the center of the picture, especially on the portrait crop. The second one, with the train on the bridge, isn't as severe but might still benefit from moving the horizon at least a little bit. Again, I like them as they are. These are just thoughts typed "aloud".
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