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Where to buy beat up glass?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by ultimind, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. ultimind


    May 13, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    I'm sure there's others on the same quest as I... I don't care how mint condition my lenses are, as long as they take good pictures. It seems like a lot of used places only tend to sell really good condition lenses, with the exception of UG-rated lenses on KEH, which I've owned several of, and they're just fine for me. :biggrin: And I know National Graphic Supply has some beaters from time to time too.

    Does anyone have any other sources of beater lenses? Surely there must be other places like NGS that sell lenses that were used at newspapers and photo agencies.
  2. PJohnP


    Feb 5, 2005
    Pawn shops, garage sales, flea markets...
  3. I get the feeling that beaters are keepers. If some one keeps it long enough to get it that beat up, its unlikely they will sell it after all those good old times with it, especially considering the low sum of money they would get for it.

    I see beaters in the same places I see other used stuff, just less often.
  4. right here!!

  5. ultimind


    May 13, 2007
    Cleveland, OH
    Dave - I'll take that 70-210 off your hands if you're not using it! :biggrin:
  6. pm sent
  7. Doug


    Jan 17, 2006
    East TN
    Joe, you obviously did not see Paul's 135 he bought, lol.
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