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Which chess player do you prefer?

Discussion in 'People' started by Mike Buckley, Sep 10, 2008.

  1. Please let me know which of the two pictures shown below you prefer and why.

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    Image #1

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    Image #2
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  2. RGB Bob

    RGB Bob Guest

    I like image #2 better for the DOF on the game pieces but the WB seems off. He seems blue on my screen.

    Nice shots.
  3. rotxlk82


    Jul 20, 2007
    I prefer the one who's going to be the future Grandmaster!

    Seriously however, I have a slight preference for the first. The expression and stance in the second seem unnatrual somehow.
  4. fks


    Apr 30, 2005
    sf bay area
    hi mike-

    my vote goes to the first as the two boys in the background of the second photo are distracting. i also prefer the higher POV with the clear differentiation between the different chessboards. neither photo has that "i'm the next grandmaster" look though; they both seem to be saying "hey look someone's taking my photo."

    i'd crop the first a little on the right, to minimize the boy with the hat.

  5. Thanks to Bob and Robert for your comments!

    Bob, I'll double check the white balance again on the second one. The reflection in the chess pieces is definitely blue, but I don't see the blue in the subject's face on my calibrated monitor. It's definitely a challenging image because the white balance is very different in the background than the foreground.
  6. My vote would be for number 3, the one where you grabbed the shot of the kid staring intently on the game piece, contemplating his next 3 moves... You did grab that shot didn't you?:wink: With these two shots, it's almost like the kids sat down at the table, but weren't playing. They don't seem to be into the game one bit, and I think that takes away from the shot.
  7. Thanks for your ideas, Ricky. As you'll see below, it's downright scary to see how much you and I think alike.

    Well, I was going to wait to express my thinking until I see that you and I came to the exact same conclusion.

    I agree with your first comment but neither child was looking at me. I actually don't know what they were looking at, though there were a lot of things to look at going on behind me.

    I thought the same thing until I tried a tighter crop. The problem I encountered is that if I cropped slightly, the bill of the cap by itself looked strange. If I cropped so tightly that the crop was eliminated, I thought the crop was too tight. So I compromised with the resulting crop. I wonder if months or years from now I might think differently.[/QUOTE]
  8. No, I didn't and yes, you're right. :biggrin:

    It's not as if these kids were concentrating on the game. If they had been, I wouldn't have been able to capture their eyes, which I think would have been needed (maybe not) to show intense concentration. I had limited shooting angles.

    The reason they don't seem to be in the game is that there were about 20 people (adults and children) opposing the same chess player. The kids were bored while waiting for the opposition to appear at their chess board and make a move.
  9. leahp26


    Apr 28, 2008
    Southern NH
    I'm going to post without looking at the other responses....I think I prefer #1 (maybe with a little shapening - his eyes look a tiny bit soft but I'm wearing my old glasses so take that with a pinch of myopia), his skin tones are a better color but the tip of the hat is a bit distracting.
    The skin tones in #2 look a bit off and my eyes are drawn to the white chess piece in the front just under his chin and the other kids in the background. I prefer the lower down angle in #2 though.

    Probably not much help - sorry! :) 
  10. Thanks for the comments, Leah! If you read the other messages after posting yours, you can appreciate my thanks for confirming ideas that we discussed.

    You mentioned the out of focus white chess piece in the lower portion of image #2. I tried cropping that out but felt the crop was too tight; my compromise was to leave the chess piece in the image.
  11. #2 for me, nice DoF. My problem with #1 is the brim of the hat in the right corner.
  12. Thanks, Phil! Sorry to learn of Brady's injury. :frown:
  13. I like #1, but I wish we could get rid of the hat. Besides the wonderful view of the chess boards, the chin resting in his hands grounds the subject and works better from a compositional point of view. In the second the boy's head is unsupported, off balance, and at at strange angle.

    I also like the dreamy look of the first kid and the dreamy bokeh; it goes well together.

    My $.02
  14. My choice on both counts. Thanks so much for your ideas!
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