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Which do I want: DVD+ or DVD-

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by bobhoge, Nov 21, 2005.

  1. I will soon be adding the ability to burn DVD's and thus reduce the number of CD-R's that I am using to store photo archives.
    The unit will support both DVD+ and DVD- at 8x speed. I need to buy some media, which one +/- will be better for storing photos, or does it matter?

  2. Micah


    May 8, 2005
    I was told that the +R was mainly to backup movies and that the -R was for media such as images and data. I was also told to purchase quality (name brand) DVDs instead of the cheap generic ones.
  3. I use -R, I have some +R and they do not work.
    useful link Pa. I will read it carefully.
  4. rsimms


    Apr 30, 2005
    Redondo Beach, CA
    If you are only making backups for use in your computer +/-R really makes no difference as long as you use good media (cheap media will give you 'power calibration errors'). If you want to play DVDs on consumer DVD players then you need to be even more careful what you buy, for example the Ritek Matte finish G04 series 4x DVD-r will play in almost any consumer DVD player, but the Ritek Shiney finish G04 4x DVD-r will NOT play in some early sony and toshiba DVD players.

    The link Pa gave you (videohelp.com) is a good resource to learn from others experiences, and supermediastore.com is a great place to buy your media, I've been dealing with them for a few years now and they have always delivered quality media at a good price.
  5. Simple: go with -R all the time.
  6. I use Ritek White printable G04 series 4x DVD+R, to be watched on TV using a standard DVD player. I been using them for about 18 months, I've had very little problems with them playing on different DVD players, only one player that I know of didn't work. I have found two or three defective DVD's, but that's out of about 500 burned.

    I just made 36 for a wedding with photos put to music. The couple sent them as thank you's, not one came back.

    White printable can be printed using an Epson R-800 and some other printers.
    I had trouble with labels even when using an applicator. After playing (18 minutes long) about five or six times the DVD wouldn't work. My troubleshooting led to heat from the laser causing the glue on the label to distort the disc. Using printable has fixed the problem.

    Hope this helps, Greg
  7. Bob,

    I agree that since your drive can handle both formats, the quality of the CD is the most important thing.

    I'm using Archive Gold, which is supposedly guaranteed to last for 100+ years (since gold will not oxidize like silver.) I hope to be around to report to this forum how well it actually performs.:biggrin:
  8. Off topic, but does anyone else use software like Premier or Vegas, to put photos to music and burn DVD's?
  9. I haven't used Premier or Vegas, but I did play with a few others......I finally settled on ProShow Gold 2.5 (www.photodex.com). For me it was the most intuitive and did everything I needed it to do. As an aside, I was having trouble burning the show to my DVD, (turns out it was a hardware issue with my DVD burner) and the tech support folks from Photodex worked on my problem for a long time until we both realized it wasn't the software....they were just great.

    I'm not connected with Photodex, just a consumer, but really like their support and the product. Plus you can download some trial code to see if you like it.

    Good luck,
    Last edited by a moderator: Nov 23, 2005
  10. Thanks to all of you for your input. It really helps!
  11. Ted

    The closing bracket has become part of the link and causes it to fail.

    I agree with you about ProShow Gold albeit from limited experience.
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