Which eye is your shooting eye?

May 30, 2005
Yuma, AZ
interesting.. I could never shoot with the left eye because that would block the right one from seeing what's going on! not to mention that would feel very very awkward to me. I am right handed, use the right eye in the camera and watch what's going on (part of the time, depending) with the left eye that can see out alongside the body.


Left-handed and left eye...tried the right eye for fun and simply doesn't work.

May 4, 2005
Western Washington
I am right handed and I shoot with my left eye in the viewfinder. (well I am right handed at everything but frisbee, I throw a frisbee with my left hand)


Right handed, left kicker (for some reason I play ball better with my left foot), left eye for photography.

Whe I try using my right, I have a hard time seeing the whole viewfinder immediately. Though I think shooting with my right but looking from my left eye, is why I have a hard time getting my horizons straight.
May 14, 2005
Richmond, VA
rsimms said:
I know this is topic is a bit silly but...

I've always held the camera up to my left eye, but when I look at books and photos of other people taking pictures they almost always hold the camera to the right eye. So I would like to know which eye is your shooting eye?
I'm right-handed, but use my left eye.


Me - Ambidextrous & Right Eye (Both eyes open)

Wife - She hasn't figured it out yet.

Removed User 2

Wife - She hasn't figured it out yet.
Yeah, that's always funny when someone doesn't know which eye to use... My girlfriend is the same. Always makes me laugh :lol:
Apr 30, 2005
SF Bay Area
Left eye for camera.

Right handed.

Right handed pitcher, left handed batter through 45 seasons at baseball.
Mar 21, 2005
New York City
Left-eyed (not just for shooting w/ the camera), mostly right-handed and I guess left-footed to some extent. :D

I do most things best w/ right hand, but I probably coulda been somewhat ambi-dextrous if I grew up trying. There are a few things I do left-handed more naturally like holding a cup to drink, especially while I'm eating. :D I also flip through magazines left-handed, except unlike Leigh, I actually hold the spine w/ my right hand and flip w/ my left hand (and have a natural tendency to want to go from right to left, ie. backwards for most Western languages). However, this may or may not have something to do w/ me growing up reading Chinese from right to left as is the proper, traditional way. :D And whenever I've tried to learn a musical instrument, eg. flute, guitar, I naturally wanted to try lefty first w/out realizing it.

I'm somewhat left-footed because I naturally start w/ my left foot when I walk though I don't normally kick well w/ it. The big problem w/ being left-eyed, right-handed and left-footed is when I go bowling. :D It's quite awkward to start w/ the opposite foot from the hand you use to bowl -- I lose out on momentum due to a hitch I have w/ the extra step and always look like I'm bowling drunk :D -- but I failed miserably whenever I tried to start w/ my right foot (to the point of actually dropping the ball behind me :D). And being dominant in the opposite eye is also troublesome for aiming, which is why I also have a hard time shooting pool for straight-on shots. :D

FWIW, my mother is very much lefty all-around (although she can do some things right handed like I can left handed), and my daughter might be somewhat lefty also while nobody else in the family and amongst close relatives (that I know of) is lefty at all -- hmmm... I wonder if my grandfather (on mother's side) was also lefty. I would also add that the 3 of us are probably the most "artistic" of the bunch too -- of course, that's speaking relatively and only IMHO. :D

Finally, there seems to be a whole lot of left-eyed folks here -- and I've come across a few over in DPR Nikon forums too who do not frequent here. I wonder if it's a Nikon thing. ;) :lol:

May 6, 2005
Right handed, left eye.

My left eye is my naturally better eye and I'm left eye dominant. Not a problem with cameras, but a little awkward for archery.

Mar 18, 2005
Ellamore, WV
Real Name
Dave Watts
I use my left eye for a specific reason. I am right handed and not sure I would not do it the same if the following were not my reason but my vision is differnt in each eye. I can see distance with my right eye and need correction for distance in my left eye. I set the diopter correction on the camera for my left eye so when i lift my head from the viewfinder I can see distant objects with my right eye. This way I do not have to wear my glasses while shooting. For those of you that require glasses you can understand the advantage here.
For archery, and firearms I am usually wearing glasses or contact so I use my right eye for aiming those devices.
Fishing I usually have both eyes closed and sometimes emit an audible snore.


Feb 7, 2005
I actually held the same survey once on DPR. I'm right handed, left-eye shooter, but I also keep both eyes open - mainly cuz I'm too lazy to squint all the time.

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