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Which Hand Strap?

Discussion in 'Tripods, Ball Heads, and Gimbals' started by GuyScharf, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. I want to use a hand strap on my D200 with RRS L-plate (which has a hand-strap attachment point). The question is: which one?

    I've seen pictures of Nikon AH-4, Canon, Camdapter, Hakuba, and Soligar on web sites but don't have any way to see them personally short of ordering.

    Any advice about which one(s) I should look most closely at would be appreciated!

  2. Tosh


    May 6, 2005

    I'm a handstrap user, too.

    To me, the Nikon is just too large. I want as small and compact a strap as possible, just something as insurance against a tumble. My preference is the Hakuba -- very small profile and well-made. The Camdapter strap is slightly larger than the Hakuba. I prefer the Hakuba because it has nylon lining where the back of your hand slides in. The Camdapter strap is all leather, not as rigid, and I find that my hand snags a bit going in and out. I have a much smoother hand entry and egress with the nylon-lined Hakuba.

    Just my thoughts.

  3. Rob


    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
  4. I've used the Optech Prostrap too. It's a great neck strap, and I want to try a hand strap.

  5. Glenn,

    What's the model number on your Hakuba, if you know? Hakuba seems to have a variety of different hand straps and grips, ranging from loops that just hang on the camera to something that looks like a strait jacket for wrist and palm. :smile:

    Is the picture on the B&H web site (http://www.bhphotovideo.com/bnh/controller/home?O=ProductDetail&A=showItemLargeImage&Q=&sku=194968) of the one you have?

    Can you remove/open the loop at the bottom so that you could attach the bottom to something other than their tripod socket attachment point? I need just the strap, to connect to the RRS L-plate, and don't need the tripod socket attachment piece.

    The Camdapter ones, which obviously could be used with the L-plate, appear to be made of suede. I'd prefer a smoother surface, though do like leather.

  6. Rob


    Jul 28, 2005
    Truro, Cornwall, UK
    Sorry Guy, a mid-atlantic misunderstanding, I meant the Pro Strap wrist strap. I use it because the neck strap gets in the way with a monopod etc.:smile:

  7. huh? darn I could have used an extra hand with that! :wink:
    I'm also interested in what people think about the available handstraps.
  8. There seem to be three different things sometimes called "hand straps." Note that I'm basing this mostly on photos I have seen on the web; it's 2 1/2 hours to the nearest pro camera store where I could look at these things in person (which I haven't done for about a year).

    First, there is a simple loop that goes around the wrist with a single attachment point to the camera. Seems to be aimed at making sure you don't drop a camera you are holding or something. Seems to me to be more suitable for p&s cameras. Examples appear to be http://www.prostrap.com. These are usually called hand "straps."

    At the further extreme are things that snap around the wrist and attach to two points on the camera. I think of these as "straitjackets for the hand." Looks like you could let go completely and the camera would not fall. Examples are the Optech Grip-strap, some Hakuba models and, I think, the Nikon AH-4 and others. Sometimes these are called palm "grips" or hand grips.

    Finally, between the two extremes is a strap that connects to a neckstrap point and near the tripod socket and where you just slip your hand between the strap and the camera. It doesn't attach the camera to your arm/wrist like the first two groups. But it does provide some stability when using the camera, which the first group doesn't look like it would. Examples appear to be Camdapter, Canon E1, the Hakuba hand grip on B&H web page. I see these called both "grips" and "straps."

    It's this last group that interests me.

  9. Nikon makes a slightly smaller AH-3 for the Coolpix 8800VR; you could try that. I use one on my D2H and it works great. (uses a loop that screws into the tripod socket, though you could just as easily take out the strap and thread it through the L-bracket)

  10. Seymore

    Seymore Guest

    I've got a Hakuba PH Camera Grip, but find that the wrist strap rarely gets used. To bulky to swap lenses, or do anything that needs two hands. So, it just stays latched down to itself. I do like the feel, have tried some of the "less" named hand grip units and didn't like their feel.

    My next hand strap will be the Hakuba LH Camera Grip. The fit and feel of the PH tells me that this one will be better. It's smaller and weighs nothing.

    I will add that the base using (screws into the bottom of the cam) is plastic, and you'll not want to attach a plate to it. But, a plate between it and the body would work. I remove the Hakuba base before attaching the cam to a pod of any sort.

    Guy... If you get the LH unit, and not use the base, it should work well for you with the RSS plate. BTW, it does take some getting used to... but I can't do without it now. The neck strap always got in the way for me.

    Let us know what you decide on...
  11. Thanks. The LH is the one I will probably try. Should decide in the next few days when I place an order with B&H.

    Many years ago (perhaps 20), I had a Vivitar flash bracket that had a hand strap like this. I really loved it; it made carrying the camera so much easier, especially with weight of flash and a reflector attached.

  12. Tosh


    May 6, 2005
    Hi Guy,

    Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've been preparing for some computer upgrades.

    Yes, the Hakuba LH is the model I use and like. That is a photo of the LH on the B & H website. I removed the handstrap from the plastic screw-on base and now use it with a Camdapter plate with the handstrap opening. It should be fine with your RRS L-plate.

  13. Glenn,

    Thanks for info. I have a LH on order; it should arrive here in about a week. The new L-plate looks good.

    I understand about computer upgrades (I spent my career in systems management and software development which invariably involved many upgrades)! I've just been sweating installing two SATA drives in my computer; first time for SATA for me. I am relieved that they seem to be working properly the first time -- formatting is 3% done as we speak!

    I hope this gives me enough space for images to last at least a year. :smile:

  14. Tosh


    May 6, 2005

    I don't have a computer background, so I'm venturing into foreign territory every time I upgrade my PC's.

    I'm getting two P4/3.0mhz (HT)/2gb ram/250gb hd pcs with Windows Media Edition, one for me and one for my 9 year old. I'm passing my P4/1.9mhz/1gb ram/80gb hd pc to my 6 year old.

    I'm getting 2 decent 20" LCD monitors for my daughters, but I think I'll keep my Trinitron CRT as long as I can, and try to use an old CRT as a second monitor (assuming I can set it up). I still don't have faith in LCD monitors, but from scanning the NET I now know that new high-end CRT monitors are almost non-existent.

    I had a hard time getting my old XP machine and 2 old Win 95 machines working with my internet cable service and hardwired router a few years ago. I'm hoping tying 3 XP machines will be easier this time around.

    I've been trying to figure out how best to transfer settings and files from my old pc to my new pc, plus track down the disks for programs or serial/code numbers for downloaded programs.

    And I also need to look into how to best set up my pc for Photoshop CS2--scratch disk, separate partition of drive for data and progams, etc. I should also look into whether I should get an additional internal HD, or use my existing external 80gb and 250gb La Cie HDs.

    UPS has somehow managed to turn 2-day air into 6-day air/ground, so I have an additional day or two to sort things out.

    I think you'll like the Hakuba LH. I think it's a great product.

    Best regards,
  15. Was looking for a hand grip. After reading I added the Hakuba LH Grip to my B&H cart.

    Before I buy, is the fit comfortable enough for a D80?

    After all that screwing and unscrewing (I see the recommendation to de-attach the grip's base when before attaching to a pod), is there any damage/scratch made to the camera bottom?

    Is there a rubber/cork/whatever protector gizmo to permanently attach to the camera's bottom plate to go in between the pods/hand grip?
  16. Received my Hakuba handstrap today. Was tough to install through t the ewye-loop with the Nikon neckstrap in place but I got it through.

    Will test it this weekend.
  17. Tosh,

    You should consider Acronis True Image. You can create boot CD that will "see" an external USB Hard Drive with a disk image of your old machine. restore the image to your new drive in a matter of hours.

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