Which Prosumer Models After D300 Drive non-AFS Lenses?

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR' started by Aqualung, Nov 14, 2017.

  1. I am in the process of giving my son my old non-AFS (screw-driven) lenses (e.g. 85ƒ1.4 and 35ƒ2). I gave him a used D90 a couple of years ago to get him started, but he's looking to upgrade (used) so he can AF with these.

    I know my D300 will drive these, but I'm not ready to part with that; I'm wondering what other older prosumer bodies (if any) after the D300 will drive these older lenses? I know the pro bodies (like my D3s) do, but I'm trying to keep it cheap for him.

  2. All of the D7000 series will do that.
  3. Thanks Jim...
  4. Actually, I'm pretty sure a D90 will, too. Has he tried it?

    Of the D7xxx cameras, many will tell you the D7000 and D7200 are the best, but I've had all three (D7000, D7100, D7200) and I found nothing to complain about with any of them.
  5. hmmmm, he says he has, but I haven't verified, will do so. Good to know about the D7xxx, thanks.

    Based on the pic here, it does look the screw drive is there...Nikon D90 Review: Full Review
    " Note also that the autofocus screw drive is still in place on the Nikon D90, meaning it will still drive old autofocus lenses as well as the new electronic lenses, something not included in the less-expensive Nikon D40, D40x, and D60."
  6. The progression was D70 -> D80 -> D90 -> D7000 -> D7100 -> D7200 -> D7500.

    All had focus motors. I had one of every one except the D80, which had a bad reputation.

    I'm stuck on the D7200 and have no interest in a D7500.
  7. ha, I started with the D80...almost every picture required a run through Neat Image noise reduction :)
  8. I really liked my D90. Coupled with the old 16-85VR lens, I got some sterling travel photos.

    But my current D7200 with the new 16-80 is much better. :)
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  9. Nikon user manuals all contain lens compatibility charts showing what functions are available with what lenses.

  10. thanks Larry...was hoping to avoid wading through the manuals up front by posing it to the Cafe...this will help my son narrow his search down and then can do the digging...
  11. Using the index in the manual means that no wading is required. Using the .PDF manual is even quicker.
  12. Along with the models above, I would the D300/D300s, they can be had fairly cheap as well, usually priced between a D7000 and D7100.
  13. Easier to say what doesn’t
    D3xxx series and D40 I think
  14. and 5xxx series
  15. Chris, would your son be interested in purchasing my old D300? It's just sitting around. I can check the number of clicks.
  16. dgwhitham


    Dec 30, 2007
    I know that it's FX, but the D600 has the screw drive, as well.

    My progression was D50 -> D90 -> D600 -> D500. All have the screw drive, and accepted my venerable 28-105 quite nicely
  17. davidzvi


    Apr 30, 2005
    I've had most as well. But if he's also interested in older Ai glass than it's the D#00 and D7#00 series except the D7500, they removed the indexing tab from the D7500.
  18. Yes, I think the D7500 is a regression. I much prefer my D7200.
  19. davidzvi


    Apr 30, 2005
    I guess, but with the introduction of the D500 it makes sense. But I wish they had left the 24mp sensor in it. And they should discontinue the D3#00.
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