which right angle viewer?

May 7, 2005
Germany / Bavaria

Could someone give me some advice about decent right angel viewers?

I found the Nikon DR6, which would be great: right angle view + magnification, but wow that thing is expensive :cry:

Someone over at "the other forum" mentioned the Minolta VN to be good solution for only half the price.
But can someone confirm if it can be attached to a D70 (I have the eyepiece adapter for F5 screw in Eyepieces too!)

Or maybe some one has something like that for sale?

I intend using it for manual focusing when doing macro work! (I find it difficult to tell without magnification)

I hope someone can give me some advice!


HI mcs,
I just received the DR-5 right angle adaptor on Friday from B&H. If I'm not mistaken, it is the same as the DR-6 but for cameras with a round viewfinder eye piece. So, with all of 2 days of experience, I'm not a wealth of information. It is expensive but it's probably the only show in town.

Used on my D2H, I like it. The 2X magnification makes macro focusing more accurate. However, IMO it is a stop gap at best. Better than nothing but nowhere as good as the 6X magnifier viewfinders available for the F series cameras. Don't get me started on the lack of interchageable finders on the new Nikon cameras!

I have no idea about the Minolta solution. Based upon past experience with cross brand compatability, I would be very surprised if it works.
Apr 30, 2005
Gilroy, California
The Canon Angle Finder C works great with the D70.

I wish it also worked with the D2X.
Mar 11, 2005
right angle view finders for D70

I have a DR-6. It is an impressive piece of optics. One caveat: it cannot be easily used with an external flash directly attached to the camera hot shoe for practical reasons (nothing prevents from attaching both to the camera. It is just that properly looking down the viewfinder with the flash present on the camera is close to impossible).

Before buying this accessory, I spotted that other - and a tad cheaper - Nikon right angle viewfinders would fit the D70 using a small plastic adapter called a 2370. This thingy, actually:


On one side there is a circular thread where one can attach accessories like a DG-2, DR-5, etc. on the other side a thread that fits the rectangular edge around the D70 viewfinder.

I asked Thom Hogan about this solution and his reply was that this setup does not work in practice: the plastic adapter is too flimsy to properly support the right angle viewer (they're a little heavier that one would suspect). This is by the way consistent with Nikon's recommandations.

Trusting Thom's experience, this eliminated the choice of DR-5 and others. They are cheaper than the DR-6, but the savings are not worth it, IMO.

About 3rd-party right angle viewfinders. The other that I've looked at - I remember distinctly that Contax makes one for Nikon SLRs which is a little cheaper than the DR-6, but I can't remember having considered the Minolta's - are all built for the circular thread (except for Canon's, see further). Therefore they suffer from the same issue than using a DR-5. It would have been cool to own something made by Contax, though ...

I also considered the Canon Angle Finder C. It has a higher magnification than the DR-6, and those who have commented on it says that it is also a great piece of optics. From the pictures that I have seen, it looks like it attaches to the D70 via a set of brackets, and I was not sure if the device can be easily attached and quickly removed (someone who owns it can confirm or correct me on that), which is something that matters for what I do. I have also had concerns that the attachement would not work with other Nikon bodies. The DR-6 works with the D100 and the D70. I infer that there is a good chance that it will work both with the D70 ot D100's successors if I ever decide to upgrade my D70. I'd be quite annoyed if I had to buy this accessory all over again in that case. These are the reasons why I did not buy the Canon right angle view finder.

That's all ! Hope it is of some usefullness.

May 7, 2005
Germany / Bavaria
Thanks very much for your helpful replies!

I have considered the DR5 with the adapter, but now not anymore, if the adapter doesn`t support the weight. I own the adapter to use it with the DK3, as my eyepiece.

Eventually I will not spend this much money an a DR6, because if I switch to another Body (maybe D2H, D200?) it will not fit anymore.

Monitoring eBay will maybe reveal a cheap DG2...

As for now it`s summer and dry enough to "crouch around in the dirt" a little longer when doing macro shots :wink:

thanks again for your help!

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