Which Type of Screen on MBP?

Feb 7, 2006
On Alaska's Kenai Peninsula
Currently I have a Power Mac G4.

I've just ordered a MBP with a matte/ non glare screen Widescreen Display.

But would like to hear from any of you that have used or seen the Glossy Widescreen Display.

I'm sure the colors are richer, but I have a house with lots of windows and don't really want to deal with the glare. Also, I eventually will get a second monitor for editing purposes.

Which do you like and why?

Thanks so much....
Jan 13, 2006
Columbia, Maryland
Real Name
Walter Rowe
I too just ordered the MBP 17-inch wide screen, matte version. I went to the local Apple store where they had the matte and glossy 17-inch versions side by side. The glossy version simply caused too much glare. It did seem to have more contrast and saturation, but the glare and reflections were dreadful. I think for photography, you made the right choice with the matte screen.

I purchased the standard resolution too. I felt the 1920x1200 on a 17-inch screen would simply be too squished in. The 1680x1050 is amazing. I tried PS CS3 in the store and it was wonderful.
Matte for me, all the way! I actually hook my MBP up to a 23" ACD at home but on the road I still want that matte look, as the glossy just seems too reflective for me. Yes, saturation is great on the glossy but I am not sure that it's actually all that accurate, and when editing images, especially if this is your ONLY computer and you are NOT using an external monitor, then it is important to have the most accurate screen representation you can have.

Congratulations on ordering the new MBP!!
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