While trying to come up with a name for a studio...

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  1. ...these funny names and slogans popped ito my head! :biggrin: Feel free to add to the list if you have any to share.

    Miracle Studios - If we ever get good at this it'll be a "miracle"
    Smith and Wesson Photography - "If we can't shoot it, we'll shoot it"
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  2. FotoPhocus


    Jun 15, 2008
    Steve's Post-Mortem Photography - You shoot 'em, we'll shoot em'! or.... We put the FUN in FUNERAL
  3. Not sure if your serious on that.
    I would choose a more "solid" name.
    Like: Image. Photographs and Memories.Digishot studio.
    Just a few names that i shake out of my sleeve.