White Daffodils - Red Mulch

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  1. Okay, I am feeling brave tonight. I would love to get feedback from the Cafe regarding my pet project, White Daffodils - Red Mulch, A Shadow Study. I processed a few images in NC and PS a few months ago and they dark and flat in appearance. I thought I would try reprocessing the images taken with the 17-55 and the 70-200VR lenses and try using the LCH editor in Nikon Capture. Here are a few samples:

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    I don't know why I like this one so much, it is mostly out of focus, but I hope it conveys the fact that I was crouching amongst the daffodils and captured this moment (before my knees gave out :lol: )

    View attachment 10506
  2. Hi Crystall

    Really like #2, very interesting perspectives in all of these.........would be interesting to see the Canon 500 d on the 70-200mm. Looks like ev could be bumped or playing with levels to make the images pop! Overall I like what you have presented, and they are beautiful flowers, even for a guy who is not big into them :lol:

    well done
  3. Re: Hi Crystall

    Hmm, I will experiment with EV and Levels (they usually scare me). All of these images were taken hand-held with emphasis on the afternoon shadow play. It was amazing to stand alongside the resident gardens and watch the shadows fall across the daffodils. The most difficult part was not blowing the highlights in the white (off-white) daffodil petals. Thank you for the feedback Keith. :D
  4. I like the last one, in that one the mulch looks like a path with vertical lines going towards the left corner as do the flowers, the picture would had been more striking if the out of focus flower, the lowest in the front would have been a little lower so as to show more of the in focus flowers.
  5. Hi Gilles,

    I agree with you. I would have loved to have repositioned some of the blossoms. I tried many angles and bracketed exposures during the two week blooming season. Overall I like the second one best.
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