White Sox black eyed Tigers!

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  1. Well last night wasn't what we were hoping for, as the defending American League champs came home bruised from a long and hard road trip only to get beaten up by the southsiders from Chicago. The pale hose bats looked anything but against rookie left hander Andrew Miller, and Juan Uribe's grand slam in the 4th pretty much sealed the 7-4 win behind Mark Buehrle.
    BTW, if you ever do get to Comerica Park be reminded that their thermometer readings HAVE to be off! They said game time temp was 83 degrees, it was at least 90 and all the humidity you could want, at only 25% it was a bargain!

    Scott Podsednik steals second during a pickoff

    here's the throw

    Scott Podsednik is safe stealing second

    Scott Buerhle Bokeh anyone?

    Who says I can't do portraits? :)

    Brandon Inge charges a slow roller...

    ... and then loses the handle on the attempted throw.

    The submarine delivery by Ehren Wasserman

    now it's time to take the weekend games back!!
  2. awesome Steve, was that portrait w/ the 85, LOL? great snaps on the Inge play.
  3. Oldtime


    Jul 5, 2006
    Durham, NC
    These are great shoots, nice detail and Bokeh:biggrin:
  4. Thanks guys! What a HOT night, but too hot for the Sox bats though. :-(
    Sorry 'Lung, the portrait was with the 80-200, wish I could have used the 85 though, I could have used another faster stop to really make that color POP!!

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