who's logged in...(more specific question)

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  1. to what machine.

    Is there a utility that I can run to see which user name is logged into which computer name?
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  2. jaymc

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    Don't think there is one utility, but there is the 'Memeber List' and 'Quick Links > Who's Online'.

    - Jay
  3. thanks.

    i should have been more specific. i am talking about a network environment. is there a utility that will give me computer name, ip address, and who's logged in?
  4. If you're an administrator on the network, I think you can use the PStools kit that microsoft has on their site. If you google for "windows whoami" you should find it.

  5. Lowolf


    Jan 26, 2006
    a number of utilities for this what Os are you on
    and make sure you are allowed to do this
  6. thanks guys. sbs2003. for all users. i do have permission. as the network admin (really new at this), i gave myself permission. oh...and the owner of the company asked me to look into it.
  7. What OS are you running?
  8. Do you already know the computername or IP? Do either of these commands in a command prompt window:

    nbtstat -a computername


    nbtstat -A IPAddress

    Pay attention to the <03> records. One will be the PC name, the other will be the account logged in.
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