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"Why go to a Starbucks in Paris?" You ask, well... here is the reason why

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Candidcameraman, Jul 2, 2008.

  1. "Why go to a Starbucks in Paris when you have 10,000 other little cafes everywhere"... someone mentioned this in one of my Paris Thread... and rightly so, why? Well I'll tell you why, cause you see in Paris the tips are included in the bill... As such the waiters have no incentive to serve you better or promptly... hit or miss.

    Why go to a Starbucks in Paris: When you need a coffee and you don't have half an hour to get the said coffee and another half an hour to get the bill... That's when I go to a Starbucks in Paris :biggrin:

    Seriously - it can truly be an hour affair to get a Cafe Creme in some little random Cafe and if you hit the right spot - you'll get great service if you don't you'll get long service.

    Plus at Starbucks in Paris they smile and serve you promptly - what a totally foreign Parisian experience if you ask me, you'll think, this is not the Paris I know - worth a try. :biggrin: The lattes in a Parisian Starbucks are better than any North American ones but the best Lattes I ever had in a Starbucks was In Yokohama, Japan :rolleyes: 

    Do I actually recommend Starbucks in Paris over a Parisian Cafe, hell no! Starbucks is grab and go at a reasonable price - life on the rush - a Parisian Cafe is ... Taking the time to live and take it all in.

    Who does it better? I'll let you decide but all I'll say is that life is pretty short and if you don't stop once in a while to smell the coffee - it will just wiz by. So when on the go - you know where to go, when not on the go and you want to live a little - you know where to go as well. Awwww Paree Paree Paree, I could fall in love with Thee!

    The picture which started it all... A grab shot to show the DOF of the 24/2.8 and I stopped here cause my Grilfriend stopped at a bookstore for 30 minutes - so I have time for a quick cup of joe and a few pictures of the St-Michel fountain... And it dawned on me a couple of days ago when Tristan and I stopped at a Starbucks on avenue de L'Opera, we went to a Starbucks to spend more shooting when the day before that we went to a little Cafe to spend more time talking... :cool: :biggrin:

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  2. Just on the frontpage..Starbuck close 600 shops.
    In Holland they only have two shops.both on Amsterdam Schiphol (int airport)
  3. Lurker


    Jul 21, 2007
    It's so easy to forget about the whole service issue. When I'm back in Holland I'm always surprised at how horribly slow service is... It's nice to see that people are payed decent wages but as a customer I do prefer the American system!
  4. great thread, patrick.
    you know how much i love my starbucks... though, more for the experience than the taste

    as for the closings...
    too much expansion.... too quickly.... bad economy
    not surprising at all
  5. And of course, you'd have a hard time getting that particular shot without a visit to Starbucks.:smile:

    Another nice one, and I'm enjoying your trip to Paris.
  6. That was a question of time - closing 600 locations that is, they expended so fast and do have a peculiar business model, they would rather have more locations close to each other than have people waiting in line too long or having trouble finding a seat...

    I do prefer the "tips" service aspect but do respect the higher wages, if only they were more customer service focused that would be great...

    Then the Starbucks model has worked for you, they want their places to become the "Third" place, the first being your home, the second being your work and the third place where you'd end up spending more time "Starbucks" ... I kid you not.

    No, I could have shot a regular coffee cup instead of... Doh! I walked right into that one... Like a deer staring into headlights :wink:
  7. Slow is good! Even little ol' Moscow, Idaho seems so horribly rushed when ever I return from Europe, Asia or Central America.

    Slow down people, slow down!

    Great pic Dude!
  8. I am with you Nick... But I like to be able to get a quick coffee when needed.

    But when I have the time, I'd rather stop a a Parisian Cafe than a Starbucks... Taking the time to enjoy it all :biggrin: Actually I should really take the time to always enjoy life and the little fleeting time we do have. :smile:

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  9. Yeh, and I'm with you too---when you absolutely, positively, have to have a coffee NOW !:rolleyes: 

    Which reminds me . . . time for another cup:eek: 
  10. Panda51


    Jun 26, 2008
    Say what you will, but I do miss grumpy/rude/outrageous/slow Parisian waiters afters almost a year in the US.
    Guess you have to be French to like them:biggrin::biggrin:
  11. Well

    I am French (Canadian) and I do like them but what I don't like is being ignored for 30 minutes before they decide to come and get my order, then getting a kid size beer (250ml) and being ignored for another 40 minutes when I decide I had enough of this and leave...

    In order to leave I have to I walk up to the waiters who's usually always located behind his bar chatting it up with one of his "pote" and still ignores you for another minute while he finishes discussing is latest "pouf" he went out with the night before...

    The way I see it the waiters could make more money since it is part of the bill but they decide not to - lemme tell ya that I would have ordered another 3 more of those kid size beers and left him a tip on top... By the I had finished reading my daily "Le Monde" ... But when with friends a cafe is great :biggrin: End of rant... I do love Paris and their little Cafe but once every two weeks I fall into a place where the waiter does not care one iota about the customers, finds them an hindrance but for each of these place - I find 5 good one - so it is all good.
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  12. I dont think that the French are realy rude-slow or what ever.You just need to hit the right string to get them in action.Lets say you have different cultures,or some are a bit foreigner shy.Up to a few years ago a Frenchmen that speak English,or any other foreign language was world wonder when you found one.But since a few years i notice that French kids start to speak English rather well.Although we often make jokes about there accent ( for those of you who know the English tv serie Allo Allo knows what i mean)
  13. ...there is one place that I dislike more than Starbucks. Ikea. I have no idea if they sell coffee or not, but to extend the experience like Ikea they'd need to put the checkout on aisle 23, the cups on aisle 2, the coffee on aisle 17, milk back on aisle 22 and stirrers on aisle 5. By the time you have waited patiently in a queue with 200 other people, most with children that want to use the window wipers/tin boxes/candles as weapons, you pay before you change your mind and waste the whole of Saturday - and they'll charge you extra if you use a card.

    After reading the above I realise that it has nothing to do with Starbucks, but I think that I needed to get all that off my chest. Sorry!
  14. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    Ok I have a friend who loves his Starbucks...with his SBB.
  15. Hmmmm:redface: I made it in and out Ikea in 30 minutes last week. i wanted the chair Marcus.So,in and have something to eat (never take the meatballs) and drink.Than to the showroom to check were it is in the store rack.Pick a trolly and up to the store room-Put in on the trolly.Took a load of batteries (real cheap) while waiting on 3 clients for me,.My friend go and get the car in front,and off we go
  16. Mart61


    Dec 23, 2006
    Camberley, UK
    SBB? What's one of those, Sen?

  17. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    A Carmel Macchiato please.
  18. Carmel Macchiato=SSB????
  19. Seneca


    Dec 4, 2006
    It does to me. I know go ahead and say "Seneca back to earth...hello".

  20. you are absolutely correct
    we'll be stopping by there, as a family... later
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