Why I (and I think many others) wont be buying many Z mount lenses for quite a while....

Jul 8, 2008
San Francisco bay area
I think that these discussions are so interesting. Thank you all for the friendly participation. I probably won't be buying many of the S lenses unless something really compelling comes out. I am considering the 14-30 although I've never been much of a wide angle shooter. I'm going on a trip with my family and I'm going to use my f mount third party wide angle and see if I can warm up more to wide angle shooting. I had ordered the 14-30 f4 S the other day then decided to cancel until I test out wide angle shooting more with the Tokina 17-35 f4 that I already own. It works with the FTZ but it is a heavy lens. I weigh my purchases very carefully and only buy what I really feel that I will use. I have an 85 f 1.4 D that I love but rarely use. I know that if I buy the 85 f1.8 lens that was announced for the Z cameras yesterday that it won't see much use at all. So if I want to use an 85 mm lens, I will get out the D610 and use the one I already have. It's nice to have so many options.
Hi Terrik. Have you concidered renting the lens to see if is what you want.

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