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Why put ACR 3.2 online and then remove it?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Scott Sherman, Sep 23, 2005.

  1. I am confused. Was the FTP site that many quickly downloaded ACR 3.2 from before it went away, a beta version or could Adobe still be tweeking it before wide release?

    I am using 3.2 now on my Mac and it seems to work just fine. Also, I found that if you go to the drop down arrow next to settings and uncheck the "Use Auto Adjustments", the image appears exactly the same when you first open it as it appears in Capture 4.3.1. Without this, if you open the same image in both appliations, the default in ACR is to have Adobe's Auto Adjustments in play which gives you a much lighter or more overexposed appearing image. If you like the image as Capture gives it to you right out of the camera, you can now have it with ACR 3.2 by just unchecking this setting. I kind of like the way it opens with the auto adjustments for most images in ACR 3.2, but mostly, it is now very nice to have full use of ACR and PSCS2 with my out of camera D2x raw images instead of having to go through Capture to get there first.

    I wonder how this will affect Capture sales for the future, and if it does, will Nikon scale back in it's development of software to focus more on the hardware side. It has to have been a tremendous drain to supply tech support for Capture, especially all the complaints over the years. I guess time will tell. I know they must always have something for the many who do not care to invest in PS or others but I believe for D2x or most DSLR owners, that will be a small number of users. If one invests $5000 for a body or anything over a thousand for a body and much more for lenses, PS seems a small investment comaritively speaking. Not to forget Bibble and Qimage and others.
  2. nfoto

    nfoto Guest

    I'm pleased to be one of the exceptions. I don't follow the current software activation policy of Adobe, so make do without the CSx generation of Photoshop. Lots of excellent raw converting software exist and there is absolutely no reason to rely on Camera Raw in this matter.

    And yes, I have spent a small fortune on digital cameras over the last few years. Money isn't the issue here for me.
  3. JeffKohn


    Apr 21, 2005
    Houston, TX
    Thomas Knoll posted something over on the Adobe Forums to the effect that somebody jumped the gun and it wasn't supposed to be available for download until they had the web page ready (and probably the press release too). I don't think it's a matter of some last minute problem being found or anything. If it was, I think Thomas would have stated that since he knows people downloaded it during that period when it was available.
  4. Well if that is the case, they better get their press release going, there are a lot of copies in use now. it seems like the Press release could be written and proofed in less than a day and the website is just a matter of adding a couple of links. Anyway if they don't get on it pretty fast the press release will be written by a few dozen forums and it may not be what they want. It's amazing how fast the internet works.

    I will say, I am a happy camper. It is everything I asked for.
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