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wide options? Some help please.

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by Mad Hatter, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. OK, I was shooting a landscape on uneven ground and my tripod tipped over and the my trusty 10-20 sigma took the brunt of it. Two big marks right on the front element.

    So unless someone knows some do it yourself first aid that might make the lens usable again I need something else, and I would prefer if it was FX compatible.

    I'm wondering about the 12-24 sigma. For me to bite the IQ is going to have to be at least as good as the 10-20. And yeah, 12 is wide enough for me but what does this look like at 12 mm? Distorted beyond hope of fixing or is it ok?

    I really do need a wide angle here soon, and I could afford the 14-24 but it would completely and totally break my bank. If the 12-24 is as good as the 10-20 and if it looks alright at 12mm I might bite...

    What are your thoughts? Thanks in advance.
  2. what do the pictures from this damaged lens look like, try various apertures, focused close and far. sometimes its not so bad and you just fill the chips with black paint.
  3. People who cannot afford the Nikon 12-24mm F4 seem to like the Tokina version. A friend uses one for weddings.
  4. The pictures look like there is a big smudge on the lens. I have in fact shot pictures (unknowingly) with finger prints on the front element of a lens before and this is what the big gouge ends up producing in the shot. An area where there is little to no contrast and is about a quarter stop brighter than everywhere else.

    And I've considered the 12-24 tokina, only it is a DX only lens right? I want something that will be full frame compatible. If I've gotta spend cash on another wide angle lens it may as well be something that will work on a full frame camera as I will eventually most likely be shooting one sometime in the future.
  5. What would it cost to fix?
  6. TimK


    Apr 17, 2006
    Hong Kong, China
    There is very little choice for FX super wides. Except the Sigma there is of course the Nikkor 14-24 which is a good choice if you are definitely going into FX in the next couple of years. Good glass can last for a long long time and hold their value much better than bodies. I am already using my 5th digital body buy the Ai-S lenses that I bought some 20 years ago are still in service!

    The alternative is to get a used Tokina 12-24. It has better IQ than the Sigma and its quite popular, meaning you won't lost a lot of money should you decide to sell it later.
  7. I haven't priced out a repair yet... I just assumed that something as major as replacing the front element would not only mean too much time without a very key piece of equipment but too much money.

    To buy a tokina will mean either used or grey market. Tokina only just recently started distributing in Canada, I think one can find the 11-16 but that's about it right now. I saw a 12-24 tokina on ebay from a hong kong dealer for a pretty reasonable price. How much sample variation is there with tokina products? Is it as bad as with sigma?
  8. Steinar


    Aug 16, 2007
    I am very happy with my Tokina 11-16 - bought it from an UK-dealer at e-bay.

    It is sharp allready from f/2.8, and is very, very sharp at 5.6 + you can wear a filter.

    My camera is Nikon D200, and it is the only non-Nikon lens I have.

    You c a n use it at FX at 15mm and 16mm, without vignetting, but it is soft in the corners at that setting on FX if used on f/2.8 (not on DX for certain), but I do not know if it also will be soft at lower F-stops - I could imagine that it will be, and I do not think you can use a filter on FX, but I do not know.

    For DX I really recommend it.
  9. Cope


    Apr 5, 2007
    Houston, Texas
    I paid $479 new for mine this spring. I see them selling used within $15-20 of new price. New seems ti be a better deal to me.
  10. digi.film

    digi.film Guest

    I was vehemently against (myself) purchasing any DX format lens' but I'm starting to bend a bit and that Tokina 12-24 is becoming more and more attractive to me.
  11. if you have a DX camera and want to upgrade to FX some undetermined time in the future. then avoid DX lenses in general, but for wide angle, just get a DX wide zoom. It doesn't make much difference for the rest of the range, but if you really want to shoot wide, get a DX now and just sell it later.
  12. I have a sharp copy that I am currently selling. The reason for the sale is that I'm transitioning to the FX format after purchasing a D700 recently.


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  13. Thanks for all the advice everyone, I think the 12-24 tokina is the solution. I just got off the phone with saneal camera in calgary and they indeed have one and are going to hold it for me until tuesday.

    The 11-16 does look like a good lens but I like having the option of going as long as 24mm. I'll be using it at hyperfocal and f8 almost exclusively so f2.8 isn't really an advantage either. One of the few things I didn't like about the sigma 10-20 was that there were times I wanted to go a bit longer and couldn't thus forcing a lens change. The only review on the 12-24 with any meat on it that I could find was at Ken Rockwell.com. I like that there is very little distortion on the 12-24 and that it seems to be able to pull a bit more detail out of a scene than the sigma. Although Ken's a weird guy so I guess I'll just have to see.
  14. Thanks everyone for their help. I went with a brand new 12-24 tokina and so far I am happy. Great advice everyone, thanks.
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