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Wild Antelope

Discussion in 'Birds' started by R Bond, Dec 25, 2005.

  1. Hello Folks

    While on vacation in Wyoming, September 2005, I got myself off of the beaten path a few miles and was approached by an Antelope, a very unhappy male in full rut antelope. He approached at a run and then stopped about senenty five or a hundred meters away. I think it was at that point, thankfully, that he realized that I was not a female antelope. He stayed and watched me for a full twenty minutes, snorting, stamping and shaking his horns at me. It was then that I decided to put on the 80-400 VR and try and get close enough for a good shot. I began walking toward him slowly and would stop for a few seconds and take a shot. The closer I got the more aggitated he became. At the point this shot was taken he was shaking his horns at me profusely. Unfortunately I didn't have enough presence of mind to stop down and slow the shutter enough to get motion blur, I did but it was too late, I stopped down as he turned tail and ran. I don't claim to be a wildlife photographer, this was simply a photo of opportunity. This photo is not as sharp as I would like for it to be but it is as sharp as that particular D70s and my 80-400 VR was capable of at that distance. My D100 would have nailed it. The experience was fun anyway and worth sharing,,,,,I hope :confused:  I hope you enjoy it, as always all comments, suggestions or accusations are welcome.

    Merry Christmas

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  2. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Memory of a lifetime.. You did great.
    I don't know what I would do either.
    Takes years of experience as a wildlife photographer to make those quick decisions. Equipment and lots of it.

    read Moose Peterson..(find on google)

    Great job...

    Merry Christmas
  3. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Nice Pronghorn RB. I'm not sure that I'd have the nerve to approach a horny animal that can run 40 MPH without body armor though. :biggrin:
  4. PixelPete

    PixelPete Guest

    RB,What a great memory for you.I've seen these critters in eastern Oregon but they are always on a dead run the opposite direction.They must know its me.To have one stand there for 20 minutes is a dream come true.I bet that got your heart pounding..eh?
  5. Sorry for the slow reply, it's kinda busy here right now.

    Thanks for the compliments Gale and I will check out Mooses site.
  6. Hi Frank

    Started to reply yesterday and the grandkids distracted me, guess who gets priority?

    Thanks Frank. I did consider what he might do with those horns just about the time he turned and ran. As you can see I didn't get all that close but if he chose to he could have crossed the gap before I would have had much time to react. Hey! I might have been able to enter the "The Last Photo I Ever Took" contest.
  7. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
  8. that can be a very dangerous manuver, but I guess if you are into entering that contest........
    the photo is actually quite good and I know you must be thrilled to have it along with the memory.
  9. Hi Pete

    I wish he would have stood there for twenty minutes after I decided to try to get a shot of him. I was busy doing something else when I noticed him running toward us. I continued my task and would turn and watch him for a minute or two ever so often. Once I began stalking (I ain't good at it) he stuck around for a few more minutes. As you can see I didn't get all that close. I have spent a fair amount of time on that ranch in early september and this years heard was the largest that I remember and that was confirmed by the rancher.There also were more bucks which means competition so that is why this one was more aggressive than I have seen in the past. I may not always get a good shot of them but I am much better at stalking landscapes.
  10. Thanks Dave. I'm not really ready for that contest but if I was........
    That really was fun and one of the more memorable experiences of the trip but I always enjoy the whole experience of being out there on the prairie. I hope to go back next september. I just hope the hunters left a few Antelope.
  11. Nice catch RB!! What an opportunity! I've only seen those guys a couple of times on trips out to the praries. They were always far away and getting farther by the second!
  12. Thanks Dennis, I appreciate that.
  13. Hey RB, good shot of a Antelope. Wyoming is loaded with them and they are always fun to photograph.
  14. Thanks Gordon. A longer lens might improve my chances of getting more good shots, like say, an 800 mm.
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