Wild sunflower at sunrise

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  1. I went out on the prairie this morning just before sunrise to a favorite haunt of mine, and found this guy. Had only about 20 minutes before it became overcast, and I think I went about 2/40 in terms of keepers - not bad!

    I lightened this version just a tad from the way I printed it.


  2. Eric,
    I like this shot very much. soft lighting and great color.
  3. You have inspired me, I see a sunflower stalk every morning on my walk and love the early morning light. Perhaps I will take my camera in the morning. Well taken shot. I would ask why you allowed the branch to exit on the left of the frame vs keeping in in frame?
  4. Neat !! love the colors and the variation in DOF :smile:
  5. Hey Dave and Mike -

    Thanks for having a look and taking the time to comment.

    HI Gordon -

    Your eye for composition is on display again! I was at 18mm on the D70 kit lens and I couldn't include the complete upper leftside branch without either a) also including a distracting and unwanted blob hanging off the barbed wire underneath it, or b) tilting up the view angle such that the color transition in the sky was diminished . . . typical!

  6. Neil


    Jul 8, 2005
    Douglasville, GA
    Great shot Eric, like the barbwire detail in photo also.
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