Wildflowers from SW North Carolina

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  1. My better half and I are just back from a trip to that corner of North Carolina that the mapmakers always cut off and put in an insert. We were in Graham County. Here are several of the wildflowers that were in bloom:

    Wood Anemone:


    Wild Geranium:


    Spring Beauty:


    Trout Lily:


    Wake-robin Trillium:

  2. A wonderful assortment of spring's wild beauty Jim. I am particularly fond of the Trillium.
  3. Thanks, Dave. That trillium was in bloom only above 5000 feet. I was disappointed in the picture, but it is the only decent one I got of that flower.
  4. This is one I took two years ago tomorrow over in West Va.

  5. Nice, Dave.

    Here are a couple more trillium:

    Vasey's trillium:


    Yellow trillium:

  6. Nice shots Jim.
  7. The are all lovely, Jim. What a great area to visit in the spring. :smile:
  8. Wonderful series Jim. The blooms are so delicate. I really like the trillium and trout lily! Wow!!
  9. Gale


    Jan 26, 2005
    Viera Fl
    Very pretty Pa
    We don't have quite os beautiful wild flowers
    That is a beautiful part of NC
    Did you use the canon 250 or 500D on any of these
  10. Thanks, all, for your kind remarks.

    Gale, I'm pretty sure that the wood anemone was taken with the 50/1.8 + 250D combo, and possibly also the spring beauty. The EXIF only shows 50mm f/1.8, of course.
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