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Wile E

Discussion in 'Other Animals' started by Terri French, Jul 26, 2007.

  1. About 2 months ago I had a moment of weakness and went to the dog pound to see what dogs were there. Of course, I couldn't leave without rescuing one. I found the most shy, quiet dog in the pound because I like mellow, sweet dogs.

    Well, he had me fooled. He is very loving, but has SOOOOO much energy. I guess he is part Red Heeler, possibly even a purebred. I can see why they are cattle dogs. He herds me around all day. But, the problem is....he adores me. He is fearful of men and loves women. Must have been abused.

    Nearly every day he does something that makes me want to take him back to the pound. Nearly every day he does something that makes me love him even more. Last night I was in tears trying to decide what to do with him. But, today he has been an angel.

    He is getting better, but I'm not sure if I'll survive until he gets out of puppyhood. He is probably about 10 months old. I wonder how long he'll be with us.......... Anyone want a beautiful, very active, loving, smart dog????

    BTW, his name comes from the fact that he was found out on the desert. We thought Wile E Coyote (Wile E for short) was perfect.

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  2. Aw c'mon Terri, look at those big brown eyes-how could you ever let him go? Give him a few more months and he'll be more grown up and have a better idea of what's expected. I'll bet he behaves better when you're able to get him plenty of exercise.

    Great puppy portrait. :smile:
  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    We rescued a German Shephard/Border Collie about four years ago. She costed us $79 to bring her home.....and $2500.00 for a routine doctor's visit, a couple of bowls, a crate, a few collar and leash....and we had to fence in the yard. She's a great pooch and well worth the expense.
  4. Holmes


    Oct 28, 2006
    Wyoming, USA
    Hello Terri,

    I work with this breed and their owners quite a bit. The breed is interesting and unique in many ways. The early phase can be difficult but I think you'll see a pleasant behavioural evolution as your dog approaches the 18 month mark. Males take longer to 'cook' than do females.

    This is not a breed for everyone, they require a strong leader. You truly do have to become the Alpha dog. Control everything. No free feeding - the dog gets a meal per the schedule you select. Turn mealtime into quality and control time. All recreation sessions are preceded with and end in a short training exercise of some nature.

    Lot of body language with this breed. Pay attention to his muzzle as well as the more usual physical affections. Must be socialised! Lose no time in this regard. When making introductions to other people/animals, accentuate your own body language to emphasize your feelings and emotions. Let the dog read your body language and follow suit.

    So much to say and I could bore you to death with my opinions but I think this will work for you if you really want it to. And don't beat yourself up if it doesn't. A neat breed but very specialised.

    Good luck, milady, and keep us posted.
  5. gadgetguy11


    Nov 16, 2005

    I somewhat understand, and wish you the best. He is a beautiful dog!! Good for you for rescuing him!!!

    We rescued 3 cats - 2 last year. The last one was quiet, oooh so sweet - until he got home!!!! He is a TERROR!! He starts every fight with the other 2. He broke countless breakables that aren't bolted down. IF he had the strength of your Red Heeler, we would be in BIG trouble, but of course he does not, and we love him to death despite his craziness.

    So, whatever path you take, I wish you all the very best!!
  6. mcwb01


    Jul 21, 2007
    Arlington, VA
    You can't get rid of him. You would break his heart. He looks like he has taken a liking to you from the picture. Just work with him and teach him expectations, be firm and never give in to his bad behavior. He'll turn around before you know it.

  7. Thanks, Dave. You're probably right. I don't think I could let him go. 90% of the time, I just adore him. It's that other 10%.........

    BTW, he does get quite a bit of exercise. We go on walks and play ball every day, and we have a large yard. He just needs a LOT of exercise.
  8. Frank,
    Yes, Wile E cost $16 because an animal shelter in Jackson Hole had already paid to have him neutered and his shots, but they hadn't picked him up yet. So we got a great deal:eek: . Kind of like your deal--every day I'm spending more money on him. I really think he'll be worth it in the long run. The only thing that makes me sad is that he is afraid of men, Greg especially. Greg loves dogs and is so kind to them. I sure hope Wile E warms up to him.

    Glad your dog worked out. He is lucky to have you as his owner. German Shepherd/Border Collie is probably a wonderful mix. My favorite dog was a mutt. I thought Wile E was a mutt. That was why I went to the pound, to find a mutt......... Let's hope there is a little bit of a mild breed in there that will come out someday...because I have learned about the active nature of Heelers since I brought him home.
  9. Thanks so much for all the tips. I'll start putting more control on his feeding. We have been trying to be more firm with him. Where can I get more information on socializing him?

    In a lot of ways he is doing better since we have put more controls on him. When I first got him, I let him roam the fenced back yard while I was at work----big mistake! Now he goes in a crate while I am gone. Sometimes I even put him in there when he starts to get too lively in the house, when I'm home. He's doing much better, and seems to be learning to calm himself down.

    How do I stop the nipping and herding instinct that he has?

    I really do think he has the potential to be a wonderful pet or I wouldn't have kept him this long. I plan on taking him to obedience school this fall, when I am finished with vacations.

    Also, he seems to be very afraid of men. How can I get him to warm up to my husband? Greg keeps trying, but Wile E just slinks away as fast as he can.
  10. I know what you mean about loving him to death despite the craziness. Wile E would already be gone from here if he hadn't tugged at my heartstrings. We have a cat as well, and boy was he crazy at first. Now he just sleeps most of the time.

    Thanks for your wishes. Most of the time, I'm willing to put forth the effort to work with him..... Hope I can keep going.
  11. Thanks John. I'm sure hoping that he works out. Deep down, I think he will. BTW, welcome to the cafe. Hope to see some of your photos soon. What kind of photos do you like to take?
  12. Awwww Terri! HE's too cute to let go! I say go to dog obedience school with him. He's gonna make such a wonderful companion once he learns who's boss! Right now, I'm betting he's happy to have a real home - perhaps for the 1rst time. HE's excited and so are you! I hope we see many more pics of this adorable puppy! Congrats!
  13. Terri, I rescued my dog Zippy from the pound as well.
    My experience was similar to others I talked with. The hardest time for a rescued dog was probably from 2-10 months after taking them home. It seems this is the time they sort of realize that their at their permenant home and then they have to test and find out the limits of what is okay for them to do.
    Awesome looking dog I'm sure he'll make a great companion!
  14. tojor


    Jul 27, 2005
    He looks like a smart beautiful dog. I'm sure he'll grow up to be a great companion when he's over the puppy stuff. I had the same thoughts when I kept two girls from the same litter. They were a bundle of energy so I wondered if I was going to keep them both. Now they are still lively but have matured nicely.
  15. StephanieHelen


    Jun 9, 2006
    Terri, he's a cutie and it seems that he just adores you.

    I have a trainer coming to my home for my toy poodle. Djin Djin loves everyone until I get home, then nobody should come near me, he chases my husband to bite him, even though he had just been snuggling next to him, with one paw on his lap. Quite unexpectedly he growls, spins around, grabs his shirt, leg, whatever , jumps on the back of the couch and becomes a tiny ferocious fiend. When I am sitting on the couch, if my husband or daughter comes in, he tries to make eye contact, turning his body and peering through the bar stool rails to see if they are looking at him; if they do, he gets ferocious. The trainer said we need a 4 foot leash that must be on him anytime we are at home, that way, we can control him using the leash. Timeout for any bad behaviour, so you might want to try that for nipping, your husband can offer treats anytime if he's a good boy, and he must be the one to give meals, you can't for a while, so he would warm up to your husband. These pups are smart - the moment you falter, they take advantage of the situation.

    Good luck and keep us posted.

  16. He does do a little better every day. Hopefully I can fit in obedience school this fall. You must be a dog person, too!

    I love your photos of Zippy. I'll try to remember that we have about 8 more months of trouble to go.:eek:  He can be really fun at times.

    You are the dog expert! If you see me complaining again, just keep telling me that it will all work out. I get along good most days, then every once in a while I have a bad day with him and almost give up--sounds like being a parent, doesn't it!

    Good luck. Sounsd like you have a dog who is very dependent on you, too! Your advice is very good. Thanks so much.
  17. Well, Terri before I can to Texas I did have dogs! Not all at once but to share what I've had through my life. Yes, I love dogs and unfortunately, my hubby won't let us have one now.

    PeeWee - part chichuaua/part fice (looked like one of those terrier type)
    Sport - Irish Setter
    Queenie - My dad's prize black and tan hunting dog
    Sandy - 1rst German Shepard
    Smokey - 2nd German Shepard
    Christy - 3rd German Shepard
    Bashful - 4th German Shepard
    Brat - Catahoula
    Lonesome - Golden Retriever
    Benji & Jenny - pair of Old English Sheepdogs
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