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  1. So I am thinking about trying to adapt a Wimberly head for vertical and horizontal nodal point alignment. I realize there are spherical pano heads, but I don't care for click stops and want something very sturdy and fluid.

    Seems the Wimberly is designed for gear much heavier than I would be using, so I should be able to achieve this.

    One thought is since I will be setting up for the nodal point, will the center of gravity be a problem? Could easily be biased towards the rear. Figure the camera would be mounted about four to six inches behind the center of the mount. Lenses would be the 28-70 and 70-200. Nothing bigger.

    Main question is, can I adapt it? I know I can set up the horizontal nodal point using a slide attached to the mount. But how much adjustability is there up and down? Could someone that uses this head comment on that?


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