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Jan 2, 2012
British Columbia
If someone would be willing to receive the award for you at a U.S. mailing address and if you are the winner, your contest entries would qualify.
I was just kidding as you can tell by my chosen numbers (unless one of those insects is pregnant).
No interest in the book.

BTW, that jar of bugs is rather gross!! I'm sure glad we don't have them here.

Yes, Terri, so right you are! It's one thing to watch carefully where I'm stepping while walking through the neighborhood so I don't inadvertently squash one or to casually say "hello" to a cicada who while flying around unexpectedly lands on my shirt but quite another to have a whole jar filled with dead ones.....
Sep 13, 2007
Northern VA suburb of Washington, DC
DING! DING! DING! We have a winner. (That was guaranteed so long as at least one qualified entry was submitted and several were indeed posted.) The issue is that we don't yet know who the winner is.

305 cicadas were used to make the photo. Nobody guessed within 5 cicadas, which would have guaranteed all such qualified entries to be winners. Based on the entries that were submitted, there is only one winner, which in this case is the one person that guessed closest and can provide a snail mail address for me to send the photo book to once its produced.

If Greg (F64) will PM me with a snail mail address located in America, he is the winner, as he had the closest guess at 280 cicadas. He also had the second closest guess at 340 cicadas.

If Greg understandably doesn't want to provide that, the winner is Terri, as she guessed 345 cicadas and lives in Utah. EDIT: As Rick points out below, she actually lives in Idaho.

Stay tuned to learn who won this silly little contest!
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