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  1. Well I have been real busy lately and not much time for picture posting. Last weekend was the first part of a wine crush I was asked to shot. This involved picking up 481 cases of grapes each weighing 36 pounds. The grapes were loaded into a mechanical crusher to separate the grapes from the stems and then place the crushed grapes into large vats for fermentation. Tomorrow we will pump out the liquid and press the mush and bottle the wine.
    Three types of wine were made. Here are a few shots from last weekend
    Unloading the grapes, a very tricky deal! Nikon 28-70
    The grapes Nikon 12-24
    The wine makers Nikon 12-24
    First batch in the crusher Nikon 12-24
    Filling the first vat Nikon 12-24
    Mashing the grapes, each day for 5 days the cats will be uncovered and mashed the grapes will rest on Saturday and bottled on Sunday Nikon 12-24
  2. Neat story and good images Mike. You guys are really serious about your wine I can tell. Is this an annual event for you? Does the California wine industry need to worry about the east coast competition?? :eek: 
  3. eng45ine


    May 11, 2005
    Chicago, IL
    Home-made vino...makes me proud to say that I am Italian!!! :smile:
  4. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Whew! What a huge batch for a kitchen project, but judging from the number of power tools on the walls, I'd say this is no ordinary kitchen!

    The biggest batch I've ever done was 100 kilos, but I pulled out the skins right away and let it stand over the yeast for three months before bottling it.
    This stuff is gonna be p o w e r f u l !

    Oh yeah, great shots!
  5. Gordon
    These guys have been doign it for years with this years output to log in at ove 1100 gallons
  6. This is the garage with a press bolted into the floor with custom installed plumbing in the wine cellar the wine will sit in 15 gallon demijohns and be racked several times and will not be ready for sonsumpstion until next year.
    First rackign is at Halloween and then one at the Christmas holidays and then two more through spring and summer.
  7. 1100 gallons for how many peoples? That seem quite a lot.
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