Critique Wine: How Diane Keaton enjoys hers -- TAKE 2

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  1. NaptownSailor suggested in the first thread (Critique - Wine: How Diane Keaton enjoys hers) a photo of just the bottle and the glass of wine that excludes the wine being poured into the glass.

    The tabletop is dark red presentation paper and the fake ice is handmade acrylic.

    The method of creating the rim light on the side of the bottle was the same as in the first photo: The background is black velvet that fills the frame, no less and no more. No action was being stopped in this scene, so I placed a medium continuous-light lamp rather than a speedlight behind the background. It faced away from the background toward a white wall. Also as before, black cards on both sides of the lens eliminated flare.

    A white reflector on the left added the narrow, brightest reflection to that side of the wine glass. A small continuous-light lamp fitted with a diffusion sock to reduce brightness was above the scene on the left. That added the wider, less intense reflection to the wine glass. It also lit the rim of the glass mostly in the color of the wine. Last, it lit the wine label from the left to create a gradient on the right side that displays the label's shape.

    Mike 2017-12-05--004-S.
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  2. I really like that funky reflection on the bottle side of the glass. In this version the glass looks like it has faithfully followed the instructions on the label! (Not that I like 'em) . Cheers Mike.
  3. Thanks so much for mentioning that, Nick, as I worked very intently to make that happen. My idea (perhaps overly thought through) was to let that reflection and the largest letters sandwich and "point" to the small text indicating "Must serve on ice. Try it."
  4. That it does, and well. It's also a very harmonious picture.
  5. All that's missing in that glass is a straw and a little parasol.
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  6. And a dancer in a hula skirt!
  7. Yeah, that's the ticket :)

    Drink more wine :D
  8. Cropping into the glass makes it feel crowded to me.
  9. That makes sense to me, as not everyone likes tight crops as much as I do. Another reason I decided on this composition has to do with my desire to display the small text, which is important to telling the story, at a large magnification: The closer I positioned the bottle to the camera, the less room within the frame that was left for the glass.
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  10. Binnur


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    Although this one is nice too, I prefer the first image Mike.
  11. Hawk


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    Mike- I always enjoy your photography and the notes with it. When you do a book of your photos and commentary, please sign me up for a copy. Will pay in advance.
  12. Such a nice compliment, Michael. Thank you!
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