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Critique Wine: Negrette grape species

Discussion in 'Miscellany' started by Mike Buckley, Jul 2, 2018.

  1. Negrette is my 199th wine grape species. It's difficult to find wine made from it. Hence, the reason I came upon the other 198 species first. :ROFLMAO: 

    It's the best red wine grape that is off the beaten path I've ever tasted. My favorite white grape off the beaten path is Jacquere. It's interesting but probably just a coincidence that each is grown mostly if not entirely in their respective, relatively small areas of France.

    Negrette is apparently most often made in a regulated style called Côtes du Frontonnais, which requires blending it with at least two other grapes. That this bottle of wine is made from 100% Negrette makes it even more unusual. The alcohol by volume is 11.5%, which is another unusual characteristic; most dry red wine made today has 13 - 15% alcohol and some has more. I seem to remember reading (but can't find the source) that centuries ago dry red wine was typically made with about 9% - 11% alcohol.

    This is the first time I've photographed a vertical wine bottle with no wine in it. It's also a first that I intentionally allowed the edges of the bottle to blend in with the background. I did that because I felt that mood fit the style of the wine label and the name of the wine, The Crazy Black.

    The tabletop is a floor tile. No special background was needed or used because a black flag prevented the light from falling in that area. A medium continuous-light lamp positioned above and to the right of the scene was fitted with two layers of diffusion material to reduce the brightness and to strongly diffuse the light.

    Mike 2018-07-02--001-S.jpg
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    Last edited: Jul 2, 2018
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  2. I like it--the way the cork is lit, the label, the darkness befitting the name, and the countertop. Wish the V in vin had a smidgen more light on it. And finally, wish I'll taste it someday :) 
  3. Done! Thanks for the idea. I initially liked the mystery of forcing the eye to concentrate on that "V" to read it. After seeing it more brightly displayed as you suggest, I like it better.

    Mike 2018-07-02--001-S.jpg
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  4. Very nice presentation Mike. I too find the second version better. I just wonder the relation between the wine and the rooster though.
  5. Thanks, Binnur!

    I have no idea about that relationship and don't even think it's a rooster. That part of the label in the photo at least clearly indicates that it's some kind of bird. Until I lit and photographed the label, I thought it was a wolf's face and a bird's body.

    Notice that there is no indication on the front label that the wine is made from Negrette grapes. If I remember correctly, the same is true of the rear label. Considering that Negrette is so relatively unknown, I have to wonder what the winery was thinking about that.
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