Winters June day in Sydney

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  1. Simon


    Apr 30, 2005
    Sydney, Australia
    As a stress relief excercise, I went back to a place I did a shoot at over a year ago - down near a container terminal in one of Sydney's dockyard areas . . . . and guess what - it had been all gated off, warning signs and security boyz all over. I was rather saddened by this . . . .

    Anyway, I tried to get something of what used to be there. Shot in very shallow DOF to get those funny fluffy thingys and a OOF backyard area to show my distain - it was a visual attempt anyway.

    D2H, Nikkor 17-35mm with circ. polariser

    I left in a huff, disappointed - it was the effect I wanted anyway.

    Almost wish I had brought my 60mm macro, maybe should have done it in f/16


    It was a beautiful winters day, light was full on

  2. Simon those fluffy things and tall grass look very good so is that dinosaur looking bark on the trees.