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wired or wireless shutter release

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by keith5523, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. I see that Radiohead asked this question several months ago and didn't get much response. Maybe the answer is obvious to everyone but me, so help me out here. For me, I'll most likely stick with a Nikon product, but I need something for D3/D300 and wonder if the wireless is that much better than the wired or vice versa. Your thoughts will be appreciated.

    North Carolina
  2. I know you mention sticking with a Nikon product but you really should look at the Phottix Cleon - both wired and wireless. Great product and inexpensive. Bought mine on ebay.
  3. SMH77


    Feb 11, 2006
    I use the wireless Nikon transmitter and receiver to trigger my D3's: the Nikon ML-3 kit. I used it tonight for fireworks pictures from about 25 feet away at times and it worked flawlessly.

    Pictures can be seen here (if interested)...


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  4. Thanks Joe, I'll look at the Phottix

    Sean, nice pictures...exactly why I need a remote.


    North Carolina
  5. jfrancis


    May 8, 2005
    Orlando, FL
    There's always the trusty Pocketwizard.
  6. I went wired, mainly 'cause I didn't want another [special-sized]battery operated device: Took the simple Nikon wired remote(MC-30?), cut the wire in the middle, soldered the 3 wires to some XLR connectors. Now I can add as many XLR cables as I wish for any length. Tested to about 70'(20m).
  7. George Czerw

    George Czerw Guest

    Ditto on Joe's Phottix Cleon N8 remarks. A great product at a great price!
  8. Thanks everyone!

    I ordered the Phottix Cleon N8 from eBay's HK Suppliers, or something like that.

    North Carolina
  9. mi2ark

    mi2ark Guest

    Just ordered it

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  11. Ty, that is a great series of shots. I'm sure I'll never have the guts to strap my D3 to a fence and walk away though. I'd be so nervous watching over the camera that I'd forget to press the shutter release. Apparently though, the Phottix release that was suggested here, and ordered by a couple of us, is up to the task. Does being away from the camera and lens help your timing on the shot?

    North Carolina
  12. Thanks Keith, I know what you mean about leaving the camera and being nervous about it. I was never more than a few feet away from the camera. That is actually a D300 that is mounted on a super clamp to the pole. I was also shooting with a D3 on a mono pod. I'm right handed so I fire the D3 with my right hand and keep the remote in my left hand resting on the lens for some added stability.

    And yes being away from the camera definitely helps with the timing of the runners coming into the base.

    Another one for you. Believe it or not, this kid was actually called out.

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  13. Well, looking at that last photo, I definitely see the possibility for another revenue stream....
    .....but I doubt the officials would ever let you shoot another game!

    Let us know how this setup works with your soccer shots.

  14. Will do! I am hoping to get out in the next couple days for the soccer setup. We are heading back home this afternoon from our holiday weekend and hopefully the other remote is in the mailbox from HKsupplies. I sent for an additional remote to see if we can coordinate firing 2 cameras on the same subject and see how that works out.
  15. Globetrotter


    May 4, 2008
    Thanks to this thread I just purchased one a Phottix for myself. :smile:
  16. Guys, don't forget to use live.com (microsoft site) to search ebay and get up to 25% off with paypal and buy it now.
  17. The Phottix Cleon N8 is a great piece of kit, I bought two from Hong Kong supplies and due to a mess up at their end I ended up with 6 sets and only paid a token amount!

    All where sold so don't ask!

    One of the guys I sold one to took a photo from so far off you could not see him! I tried and used one from one side of the house which included two exterior walls. It is important to remember that these units are radio not infra red so will work over a good distance.

    This and other low cost items is all I would use Hong Kong supplies for though. I did buy the Nikon 18 - 200 VR lens but after three weeks they had not shipped even though they said they where in stock and would ship same day. Raised a dispute and got my money back. Then the rats issued a claim against me with eBay for not buying goods I had won! Took another month to sort it out!

    Bought for a little more in the UK and got the following day.


  18. Ales


    Dec 29, 2005
    Kamnik, Slovenia
    I have Phottix Cleon (to be used with D300) and I like it a lot. It can be used as wired or wireless. It is nice built. And cheap. Design is OK, too.

    Regards, Ales
  19. Get BOTH...

    Both wired and wireless have their uses and you can get both from Photix at far less than the cheapest Nikon product.

    I use the wired for portraits and other setups where I just want to not reach over and hit the shutter release.

    I use the wired to set my camera/tripod up close to bird feeder, for example, and then move back to where I don't scare the critters to get some great close-up shots. Do cover the camera with an old towel in this example :tongue:

  20. Ordered a Cleon N8 today...
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