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Wireless Flash in D2X

Discussion in 'Nikon DX DSLR Forum' started by JerseyJay, May 11, 2005.

  1. I'm just starting to read my manual but can't find much about wireless flash use in D2X. Where are "commander / d70" type settings ?
  2. There aren't any because there isn't a built-in flash.

    You set up wireless on the SB800 itself.
  3. What is the Channel and Group ...

    For D70 it was CH-3 and Group-A
  4. That is entirely up to you.

    One thing to keep in mind that is that one of the flashes has to be connected to the camera. Whether on the hot shoe or by an off camera cord.

    Then you set up the SB800 attached to the camera to be the wireless master.
  5. With the D70's on-camera flash, you only have one flash group, (group A.) You cannot control the remote flash's output from the D70.

    Every flash in the same group has to have the same settings as far as output goes.

    SB800's are masters and slaves whereas SB600's are only slaves when using CLS. When you have an SB800 on the camera, set as the master, you can have three groups of flashes per channel. So let's say you are on Channel 1. You can set all flashes in group A to fire with EV 0, all flashes in group B to fire with EV +0.7, and all flashes in group C to fire with EV -0.3. Those are just example settings. Plus, you can have the master fire during the exposure of not. To top it off, if you are shooting with a manaual exposure, and you adjust the EV comp on your camera, the master flash adjusts all other flashes to whatever EV comp you set on the camera. Very cool stuff.

    You can also have them set to different modes, like like AA, TTL, A, GN, etc.
  6. Jerry Smith

    Jerry Smith Guest


    Just added a D2X to the system. I've used my D70 and SB800 "wireless" but see large potential for the D2X/SB800 (mulitple) combo.

    Any suggestions on where to read up on this that's less encrypted than the Nikon manual?

  7. Not really much to setting the wireless up. Set the 800 on cam or with a cord to Master (hold clear center button in until menu comes up and scroll with the +/- buttons to the square with two opposing "S" arrows>choose Master by pushing the center button again and then the - button) do the same with the other 600 or 800 but choose Remote in the last step.
    One thing to be careful of is the two flash units need to communicate or the Remote will fire and not the Master. Just need to practice....Hope I'm not being too elementary...Good luck to you
  8. I reverse engineered a fix for the manual - which consiquently can't decide wether to call the new lighting system CLS or iTTL. But then I realized it was only in a derevation of ancient Tacoma Indian language thus, being useless to us all. :?

    I found this DVD that may interest you: The Speed of Light
    It's an instructional DVD on using Nikon's new flash system done by Joe McNally. You can watch a clip on the website... I ordered one a few days ago myself.

    You may also want to check on http://www.bythom.com He always has good info.
  9. RobTaormina

    RobTaormina Guest

    Nikon Wireless

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  10. I really enjoyed D70 Commander Mode when doing aquatic photography. Now I either have to invest in another flash or simply use off-shoe cable which is too short for what I do.

    Is there an equivalent to ST-E2 (canon) transmitter in Nikon lineup or something similar by other company ?
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