Wolf take down? (possibly graphic)

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  1. In Yellowstone right now but I figured I'd post a couple of pictures of a Wolf / Bison fight we witnessed on 2/9. To set the scene. Firehole River near Biscuit Basin. Wapiti pack which has about 15 wolves surrounded a young male. They tried to take him down. He was able to make it into the river where the wolves backed off creating a long standoff. At nightfall the Bison climbed out of the river surrounded by 3 large males and moved off ouf of sight with the pack in tow. What went on
    later is anyones guess. The whole event was about 200yds away. _DSC6306-01. _DSC6575-01.
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  2. West


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    Brutal reality in the cycle of life.
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  3. Indeed. It goes on all the time.
  4. McQ

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    Great shots and must have been something else to witness in person.
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  5. Thanks, the 500f4 worked well.
  6. Fabulous shooting. Nature as she was meant to be.
  7. What a sight to witness and your images document the scene superbly.
  8. DW Brewer

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    Way over the top! The opportunity of a lifetime and you did a superlative job capturing the action.
  9. It looks like in the fifth shot one of the darker wolves has part of the bison in its mouth. This is so disturbing for me and so great at the same time! Half of me is crying for that poor bison, and the other half is a bit envious of such a great photo opportunity. You captured this story beautifully!
  10. I agree it's something that effects you to see it happening live like that. If you're watching it on TV you can just change the channel. On one hand hand you realize it's nature and it goes on every day but on the other hand you find yourself rooting for the Bison.
  11. What a capture, this is what keeps the herd strong, weak, young and elderly alike fall prey to the hungry, some how this one fell victim, perhaps he should have kept closer to the herd, great shooting.
  12. An amazing experience for you, thanks for sharing it through your photographs.
  13. Incredible scenes, nature is not for the squeamish and to see this happen first hand
    Must be quite difficult to watch. If the bison died the wolves live, at least if it died it wasn't to
    satisfy the ego of a human with a gun!
  14. keirin


    Dec 31, 2005
    Tough to watch, tough to look away. Brilliant work to present this event as it played out in nature.
  15. Incredible documentary of survival...well done!
  16. Excellent shots. It is rare when one gets an opportunity to witness the struggles for survival in nature. Rarer still to have the right equipment with you to capture such events. Your images will keep those memories alive for years.
  17. Was he rejected from the herd?
  18. No he was very young. Our curiosity was the location of its mother.
  19. Get a grip, you are as clueless as they come when it comes to hunting, hunters, and conservation.
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