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Jan 31, 2019
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Ah, Tinstafl, your post shows some awareness of just how close to the edge these images are. OK, this series may not have technically broken any rules, but..... I just have to say that as a woman and as someone who has been at the Cafe since nearly the very beginning, I feel that these shots are certainly not in the spirit that Nikon Cafe originally was centered around: safe viewing, non-controversial and no viewing of potentially questionable subjects, no matter where one was, whether at work or at home and with a child sitting on one's lap gazing at the images, too....

Surely, having a family-friendly photography site isn't such a bad idea, is it? Aren't there plenty of other sites online where one can post images of women who may or may not even know they're being photographed in the first place (violation of privacy, much?) and regarding them more as "objects" than as real people? Or posting photos of women in various costuming and scenarios that, whether or not intended, again seems to convey that they are mere objects for certain people's appreciation?

I just find it disappointing to see one possible direction in which Nikon Cafe may be headed, when really, it is not necessary at all.....
I would just like to point out that the ladies in these pictures seem to have had no problems with the photographer taking their picture.

It looks like the photographer asked permission to take these shots, as the subjects are clearly posing, a couple seem to be enjoying the attention.

Photographs of attractive people are one of the mainstays of photography, I see nothing offensive in these shots.

Perhaps I have been living in Italy too long, but I just do not get this puritanical revival that seems to be running amok these days in the Anglo Saxon world. What can be offensive about a picture of an attractive man or woman fully clothed?

I find the "poor pictures of poor people" that often passes for "street photography" on photo sites, far more offensive and exploitative for example.


May 1, 2005
Clarification: This thread was closed because of the comments of members toward each other. The thread was not closed because of the images.
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