Wonderful world of macro (some flowers)

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  1. Picked up a Nikkor 55mm f/3.5 AI and I've been busy shooting with it. It only goes down to 1:2 but it's fine for now, keeping my eye out for a PK-13 for cheap. I couldn't be happier with it, last couple days have made me realize how much I've missed out on by not having a macro lens. Some of the better pics.


    Full sets can be seen here:
  2. Mike,

    The first three images are my favorites, especially number one which is awesome. The DOF is soft and works well with the delicate blossom. It is a very pleasing image.

    I am intrigued by the second image. What is it? The second image has so much texture, it makes me want to touch it.

    I like the wave formed by the center petal in the third image because it displays visual rhythm and guides my eye from the upper right to the bottom of the image.

    Kudos to you! Thank you for sharing.
  3. Those are very sweet images.

    I have never tried one of those lenses. These images make me want to.
  4. Thx Crystall. I'm not really sure what #2 was, some sort of flower. I just shot the stems because I liked the texture.

    Thx Beezle. It's full manual so either lightmeter or trial n error is needed to get exposure right, but I'm very happy with the images I'm getting out of it. Noticed you're in San Jose. I'm down in the bay area on weekends and you're more than welcome to come check it out if you'd like. Got a heck of deal on it, only paid $70. Hopefully I can find a PK-13 extension for around $30 which would give me a 1:1 setup for $100.
  5. I especially like image #1 and #3. The way you have handled DOF makes these photos.
  6. Nice work, Mike. Macros are fun. #3 really appealed to me. It was a wonderful sense of motion that comes through in your pic.

    aka beaucamera
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