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  1. I went out to shoot some landscapes in Sabino Canyon but I ended up doing mostly detail stuff. It was dryer than usual and there were some spots that I usually couldn't get to that had some interesting stuff piled up. I ended up focusing on some fallen trees:




    As always, CC are greatly appreciated.


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  2. I really like the third one because of the diagonal lines, interesting shapes and the combination of warm and cool tonalities.

    The first two images might be a little overly sharpened, but perhaps only in these downsized versions and not in your original full-size files.
  3. I think you’re right about the sharpening. I’m still getting a feel for how far to go on the sharpening with the new camera. I went a little far but it looked ok. Then I pushed the vibrancy and I think the combo took it over the edge.


  4. midocr


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    I am always fascinated by the textures of wood. I like the 2nd and 3rd image because of the diagonals. As for the sharpening, have you tried High Pass Sharpening? I use it almost exclusively in Photoshop and find that it does a much better job than the Sharpen Filter. It adds a subtle degree of sharpening and brings out details without over-sharpening.
  5. Third image is a piece of art. Lovely colors, shapes and texture.
  6. Thanks. I've used most sharpening methods although to be honest I've gotten into a pretty comfortable flow for sharpening in Lightroom before I transition to Photoshop. Of course there are always exceptions. My personal favorite method in Photoshop is USM coupled with a find edges based mask (and some manual mask modifications).

    I did end up reprocessing the first shot with a softer sharpening setting, but the other two look great even at 100% so I must be getting comfortable with the sweet spot for the new camera.


  7. cxk


    Jan 8, 2018
    I appreciate the second & third more. Initially the sharpness of the first image was a little hard on the eyes but would make lovely prints i'm sure
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