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  1. Some people have no inhibitions and give out megawatt smiles at the drop of a hat...


    while others hang on ferociously, and dare you to coax a smile out of them.

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    John and Tangi started off our session with a "say cheese" smile.

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    That was just in jest, but I did have problems getting John to relax. After a few shots we got to this stage, but I wanted more.

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    A few seconds earlier, I had asked Tangi to move her hand from John's shoulder and place it on his back, so we wouldn't have dangling fingers in their picture. Now I asked her to move her hand a little lower, and she was very cooperative :biggrin:. The result was natural smiles that reached their eyes.

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    Note: I don't suggest you use this technique for Senior Prom pictures, particularly if you're taking pictures of your daughter :rolleyes:.
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  2. LOL - pretty funny. I tend to crack jokes when folks don't want to cooperate. I've been told I'm kind of funny and that usually works. When that doesn't work I keep a loaded water pistol in the small of my back... :biggrin:
  3. ponykilr


    May 23, 2007
    Rapport is very important. Being funny or asking questions about something you know the person/people are interested in will relax them and hopefully get the results you want.

    I plan to try the water pistol next time... :biggrin:
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