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  1. To begin with, this may be too much OT, even the pictures are not taken with my D1x (but with my tiny pocket Sony T7 instead). If so, feel free to remove the thread - I thought it was worth sharing here...

    As many of you here know, each year World Press Photo ( ) awards its prizes for the best press photos. The organization, founded in 1955 is of world renown and enjoys very high esteem. Besides the contest, it promotes exhibitions as well. Each year its exhibition travels the world over ( ). Today I went and visit the exhibition during its stop in Montreal. It is a dull rainy autumn day, so I could not play golf anyway - might as well do something, methought :Depressed :Depressed .

    Let me tell you, it was well worth it. The exhibition opens a window on the world that most of us here don't know the likes of. The still photgraphs with the narration, in a wonderfully sober exhibition setting makes you reflect. For those of you who will still have a chance to see it in your locale, I highly recommend that you visit the exhibition.

    Here are a few shots I took and would like to share:

    Near the entrance

    Part of the exhibition (it covered two floors and the basement):
    View attachment 17405

    Arrangement of the 05 winning photograph by Arko Datta - Reuters (India, Tsunami)
    View attachment 17406

    Some images of a wonderful side-exhibition
    View attachment 17407

    Many very poignant images
    View attachment 17408

    Heading back home. It was still a very crappy autumn day, I still missed my planned golf day, but my world felt and looked pretty good to me....
    View attachment 17409
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  3. Well Frits, I stop complaining about the weather right now. Those world press pictures make me feel fortunate to be able to live in safety. Thanks for sharing.
  4. Frits I'm so glad you got to see it this year. I saw it 2 years ago and it was wonderful. Being too busy working on deals, I missed it this year (it just left TO 2 days ago, bummer). The images are extremely powerful and worth missing a golf game for....
  5. Very thought provoking post. Thanks Frits.
  6. Frits, you rang the bell. I will find a moment this week for the exhibit. Thnaks for sharing.
  7. Hi Frits!

    I still feel bad I missed it this morning...

    Looking forward seeing it. And yes, you're so right. Our lives are great over here...
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