World War II bombers a few more planes

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  1. This is the first time that I tried to take some shots of planes. I was going to go back tonight and try to do better, but a storm moved in so the planes did not take off.

    I only had a 200mm lense. I want to go back with my 300mm and try again. I think there is one day left before they leave.

    On the B17 I used too high of a shutter speed and did not blur the props.

    Getting good airplane shots is a lot harder than it looks! Hopefully, I can do better tomorrow. (I had to crop these too much for my taste.)






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    Very nice images.

    Think I got one like that as well
  3. love em!
  4. Excellent. I wish we had them here in our dinky airshows.
  5. Outstanding shots. You did a great job with exposure of the dark plane against the light sky.
  6. New Planes!

    I had to see if I could do a better job today. I think I was marginally so.

    The first shot I wish I could tell you about finding an extra $400, so I shot the B24 from the B17 as we crused along together. This is a hard shot to take with a 300mm f4. You have to have superior hand holding skills. I would like to tell you that, but I was standing in a dusty ditch.


    This one I got the props blurred a bit and had the wheels up. I thought the sky was better today. Also handheld with the 300 f4 - same ditch as above.


    I thought I saw an unusual feature on B17 picture, so I went with a 100% crop and found.....
    This guy looking at me!

    I have a buch of pictures to sort through.

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