Would be nice to have a Macintosh Users' Group

Discussion in 'General Technical Discussion' started by frogpix, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. Hi,

    I see very little input from Mac users. Either there are not many of us, or we have no problems, or solve them all ourselves. How about some input so those of us who are trying to upgrade our brain housing groups in the area of digital photography can be on the 'same sheet of music.'

    I have a G5 2.5 Gig X2 machine and am waiting to win the lottery (might help if I bought tickets!) to get a D2X. Presently using my D70. Just put all my film gear on the market.

    Let's talk.


  2. I use a G-4 Powerbook for my photo editing and a PC for the internet connections.

    I just turn the MAC on and use it.

    The &%$#@@ PC has already been rebooted twice today.

    Now if only I could find a firewall to block those popups on the MAC.

  3. Mac user right here! I'm still one of the few that hold to the philosophy that macs encourage creativity. Maybe I'm just a elitist snoot :wink:, but growing up around macs in a creative environment will do that (my bro is a graphic designer and I worked in a design company using strictly macs for several years). Anyways, I do all my photo editing on my 12" powerbook. For 4-6mp images, it works just fine. I also have have built my own PCs, but afterwards, I just relegated that machine for playing video games! :lol: It maybe faster, but using the PC interface and the lack of a polished feel compared to OSX, just doesn't compare. Macs to me are true professional machines and are worth the premium to own one. Also, I'm not one of those yuppie mac users who were into macs when they opened up the Apple Store...in fact I can't stand the new breed of yuppie freaks and the moronic geeks that work there. Real mac users hack the crap out of their macs.
  4. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  5. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    I use both Macs and PCs and prefer Macs for nearly every operation. Macs DO view files as files and directories as such, but use the term 'folder' for directory. But files are just that. I find that it's simpler to see a mac file of a program. There is never an issue as to what is executing, while in windows (I HAVE found XP pro to be stable, finally) I can never tell, just by looking what parts of a program are executing.

    I have a Dell 3GHz Optiplex PC for work, a 1.25 GHz eMac for photography and a 500 MHz G3 Powerbook for travel, all with the latest versions of operating software. I'd rather spend time on the eMac than either of the others. The best thing is that I only need to restart it when I want to (like after a system upgrade. All previous systems, both PC and Mac, required frequent reboots to keep then working optimally.)
  6. What's a MacIntosh, something from Scotland. Only kidding, my two daughter's love theirs but then they are Cannon shooters so what do they know. Only kidding 2. :? :shock: :p
  7. MontyDog


    Jan 30, 2005
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  8. Chris101


    Feb 2, 2005
    Gordon It's an especially fine, tube-based, audio amplifier, or a raincoat.

    Paul Send me an email and I'll help if I can.
  9. I dont hack my Macs mainly because I don't have time or much interest - I am too busy developing software and animating to hack anything and make my machine possibly unstable. I rely on it to make money. I have been using Macs since 1986 or so and own a Dual G5 with 5 GB of RAM, a couple of terabytes of space and a wonderful 30" Cinema Display (truly a jaw dropping instrument to view a photograph on). I have a few other older Macs around the house on the network.

    I also use a Dell Workstation PC although these days I rarly touch it as it has been obsoleted by the Mac for just about everything I do. I may replace it with another Mac.

    So I guess I am not a "real" Mac user, just an unreal one. Either way, I bet I have more fun on my Macs than you do!! :p :wink:
  10. Looks like we're cooking now. I don't read about any problems with slow downloads or crashes with Macs. Way back when I was dumber than I am now, I took a digital electronics course just to figure out why I needed a computer and which one to buy. By the time I finished the course, I had pretty much figured out I was going to hate computers, even thought I knew I would need one, so I bought a Mac. Since that time, I have been FORCED to use a PC for some stuff (real estate software is all Wintel based) and have grown to absolutely hate using PCs, so this has further reinforced my choice.

    When I finally decided to purchase a computer, I went to a store that sold both PCs and Macs. I have NEVER come closer to throwing a sales person through a wall than I did that day. Talk about being talked down to........

    From there one out, I have always tried to learn more about equipment that I was intending to buy than the salesman who would 'sell' it to me would know. Perhaps there are others out there who have had similar experiences. Do any of you go to a store and ask to see the owner's manual on a piece of gear rather than handle the equipment itself? I'll tell you what, that's intimidating as hell to the brain dead sales people who inhabit most stores.

    Some days it's chicken, some days feathers.

  11. Just want to register myself as another mac user. Have a new Imac 20''. Just love it. What I would be interested in is does anyone know of a program that works like Thumbsplus? ( I am a RR groupie). I have yet to find anytihng like it. What do others use?

  12. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Wow Todd....I'm much like Paul in that I'm a PC bigot 8) , but you are the first person that I've heard that can talk from real world user experience on both.

    I have a couple of questions. First, the Dual G5 sounds like a killer machine, and that 30" display sounds luscious. How does the performance of this model Mac with say Capture 4.2 compare with a top of the line PC?

    Second, about how much does such a system cost??


  13. Well, I don't have a top end PC at the moment so I can't really speak to the performance difference - my PC is an old Precision 420 Workstation (Dual 1 Ghz Pentium 3) I use the PC for Maya (it has a fairly decent graphics card for working with geometry) but since the Mac version of Maya has raelly improved I use it instead now for Maya.

    Cost for the G5 system?

    Lets see...

    G5 - $3000
    RAM - about $1000
    Graphics Card for 30" display - $700
    30" display - $3000
    bigger hard drives - $500

    So I guess about $8500 for the base of what I have.

    I have a lot of video and audio peripherals too that I'm not really counting. Here is a picture of it all:

  14. Flew


    Jan 25, 2005
    Thanks Todd. Cool set-up you got there.... 8)

  15. Your daughter's are Canon shooters? Let me guess they were adopted right?

    :lol: Just kidding! :lol:
  16. Hey Todd who do you work for? Will Vinton Studios or something? They're the only production house I can remember that does 3D in Portland, oh and plus that company that worked on the M&M commercials. I was a designer in Portland back in the day, working for adidas (the shoe company) near Lloyd Center, before they opened up their new adidas village.

    Anyways nice setup. When I was referring to hacking your mac, I was referring to those people who buy macs just to look cool versus the original mac users who thought macs were superior in functionality, design and usability. But what do I know!

    :shock: :lol: :idea:
  17. WOW, that is a nice setup!!! :D :D
  18. Naa...I don't work for Vinten although I know a few artists who used to work for them and judging from their exprience there I doubt I would ever partake of the experience. I certainly have respect for what they do and have accomplished but like so many other larger studios they become hotbeds of political strife amongst producers and bean counters which really can put a strain on the creative process.

    I use to work for an effects studio (Matte World Digital) and did effects work for "The Truman Show" and "Great Expectations" and some smaller productions. Great experience and it was the high point of my 3D career, but its low-pay and very competitive so I decided to leave. I did get to see my name on the big screen twice though and I can say it is hard to put into words what it feels like.

    Here is the most recent personal project I was working on but yet to find the time to really complete it:


    In portland I just did 3D for games mostly and other freelance gigs with clients all over the world. Now I just do 3D to support my own software business - http://www.dvdthemepak.com

    You can see some of my older 3D work here - http://www.realeyz.com

  19. WOW, SuperCool Car design Todd!! :D :D

    Does this design have a name???
  20. Thanx Dawg! Yes its a 1997 Panoz Esperante GTR-1
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