Would charm school help?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CliffB, May 15, 2007.

  1. This is a shot of my 16 year old daughter, during a weekend visit to Boston. I think that I should have sprung for the charm school tuition!


    I guess, in all fairness, I should post a more reasonable photo, from that day.


    The 2 on the ends are mine. A cousin is in the center.

    While I was there, we spent an evening visiting my former partner. I was always jealous of this view from his porch. However, seeing as a house down the street from him was just assessed at $8,000,000, I am glad that I do not have his real estate tax bill.

  2. This is odd... at first I only saw the first photo (funny btw), then on refresh I saw the second...third refresh I see the first again. Haven't seen the third pic at all. ~scratches head~
  3. Though I have had no problem seeing images that I post, I have had comments similar to yours on some of my other threads. It must be a PBase problem.
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    they are all great! (just hit refresh, then right click> show picture) what a view...
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    Nice shots Cliff.