Would You...300 2.8?

Discussion in 'Lens Lust' started by jbear, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. I had a 300 AF-I that I loved and sold to fund a D300. I just decided to sell some other things because I miss having the reach @ 2.8 and the tc performance. I am considering the Sigma 120-300HSM in this role. Think that's a good idea or am I going to be disappointed have gotten used to the wide-open quality of the AF-I lens. I can wait for another AF-I, but...who knows. I had a 300f2.8HSM prime and it never excited me although I can't say it was a poor performer. I know the Tokina ATX II and Pro are sharp, but they have CA issues and I don't know that I will have fast enough focusing for what I need esp. w/ a tc. I really don't want to sell a 200AFD micro to fund an AF-S I.
    Of course, I have to make the decision but I do respect opinions here, so...birds and wildlife...that's the application.
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  2. I would and I did....(I am the happy owner of a Nikkor AF-I 300mm f/2.8).
    I have shot with several versions of the Nikon 200/2.8 and the quality is uniformly outstanding, so is the build (like a tank!).
    I have no experience with other makes, but if it were for me I would stick to Nikon glass for this one.
    Good luck!